Windows 10 Tips | Those are the 15 settings you should change now

Windows 10, there is no one who does not know the name. Even now most of the operating systems of most computers are Windows 10. However, there are still some older computer devices that are used in earlier versions of Windows 10. Windows 10 is the latest Windows version of Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft has claimed that they will no longer release the operating system of Windows version and they also claim that Windows 10 is a complete and better than any other operating system. Windows 10 has a lot of new features. Since Microsoft claims that this is the best operating system, they naturally have several special settings. And those of us who are currently using this operating system must have a rough idea of its settings. Today, I will discuss with you the 15 settings of Windows 10 that you can enjoy.

01. Windows Update Settings:

We all know what Windows Update is so there is no need to explain it differently. To get this option, you need to click on the Start menu and go to Settings. Then click on update and security and click on the advance option. Now choose how updates are delivered by clicking inside and mark how you want to update your PC. There are also LAN or local update options, as well as the option to update online. If you want your precious megabytes to be unnecessarily consumed, you can turn off Windows Update.

02. Wi-Fi settings:

For this you need to go to the network and internet option in the Settings section of Windows. Then click on the wi-fi tab and see the two options on hotspots. Add another PC to your own hotspot Another add to the hotspots of another PC. I would generally say that it is better not to be unnecessarily addicted to other PCs by hotspots.

03. Privacy Settings:

To do this, go to Windows Settings and click on the Privacy option and go to the General tab. Here you will find 3 options. The first is to turn on / off the website. The second is your language settings. The third is to track on / off by different apps.

04. Windows Cortana:

You can turn on Windows Cortana by going to Windows settings and clicking on the Privacy option, clicking on the speech inking typing tab. You can teach your PC the language and work.

05. Location:

For this, go to the Windows settings, click on the privacy option, click on the location and turn on the location and you can see which software is tracked by the location.

06. Feedback & Diagnostics:

To do this, go to Windows Settings and click on the Privacy option, then click on Feedback and Diagnostics to see that only one option will be turned on. The PC will be able to solve any problem of your PC itself.

07. Notifications:

You may be able to mirror or sync your smartphone notification to a PC or laptop using many third-party software, such as using Android, Pushbullet. However, as many Windows device users may not yet know, Windows-1 has a default option for syncing notifications from a smartphone, and it must know that third-party software has a built-in solution for any task, and more. Is more reliable.
To sync all notifications live from your smartphone to your PC, all you have to do is install the Android version of Microsoft Cortana on your smartphone and the same Microsoft account that is logged in to your PC, the same Microsoft account will be logged into Cortana on your phone. You will then need to go to Cortana Settings by going to Windows 10's Settings menu on PC. In Cortana Settings you will find an option called Notification Settings. Now you have to enable the Just Send Notification Between Devices option from Notification Settings.
Then you will receive all notifications on your phone simultaneously. You can also reply to any notification of your smartphone from PC. This feature is very useful when you work on a PC and your phone is not available. And yes, for this feature to work, you need to have internet connection on both your PC and smartphone. This feature also requires the latest version of Windows 10, the (minimum) creators update.

08. Day reminder:

Windows 10 gives you an option to get the benefits of when you have a day or when you are working or when you have a holiday. To do this you need to go to the settings of Windows and click on Personalization and click on the Start tab. Then you have to turn on the show suggestions in start.

09. Game Record:

For this option you need to first go to Gaming in Windows settings. Then go to the game DVR and turn on the background recording as soon as you play the game, this option of Windows will record the game.

10. Night Light:

This feature is very familiar to smartphone users. Night Light is basically a feature or a setting that will protect your eyes or use less pressure on your eyes when using your device at night. You will get the Night Lite option when you go to the Display section from the Settings menu of Windows 10 PC. From there you can see the orange light shade on your display which will give your eyes comforts while using the device at night. If you want, you can also set your own size, how deep or light this shade will be.
If you have a habit of using a PC or laptop at night like I do, I would say that you must use night lights. This does not hurt your eyes after looking at the screen for a long time or will do much less than before. You can also set your own routine if you want so that the night light will automatically activate and deactivate at your convenience. However, this feature is only available in the latest Creators Update for Windows 10. However, if you do not want to update the Creators or if your Windows 10 version is a bit older and does not want to upgrade, you can activate Night Light using the f.lux software.

11. Built-in disk cleaner:

Many of us use many types of third-party programs to scan and delete unnecessary files on PC. Many other types of junk cleaner applications such as sequencer, PC cleaner etc. But such programs should not always be used. In many cases these are necessary but due to the third party program, they are never a suitable solution to clean the file. Because, many people do not know that Windows 10 already has a built-in disk cleaner. All you have to do is go to the Settings menu in Windows 10's Settings menu and go to System Options. Here you will find an option called Storage Sense. With this option enabled, you will never have to worry about cleaning the disc. Whenever the number of unnecessary files on your PC increases, Windows itself will clean the disk and clean up all the unnecessary cache files and temporal files, and Windows also has a default tool for you to manually clean the disk. You just have to click on the Start button and type Disk Cleanup to search. Then the disk cleanup tool will open in front of you and you can select any drive from there and clean the file.

12. Desktop screenshot:

I don't think there is a need to say what a screenshot is and why it is needed. We all know what a screenshot is and what its requirements are. Although taking a screenshot on a smartphone is easy, it is not as easy as on a desktop / PC. Yes, the task of taking screenshots on the desktop can be made much easier by installing various third-party screenshot programs. But Windows has a default first party program to take screenshots, though many PC users don't know about this program.
Yes, you may know that screenshots can be taken at any time by pressing the Insert PrintScreen button on the keyboard. But, in that case you can't resize the screenshot or select a small area and take a screenshot. Your screenshot is copied to the clipboard and you have to paste the screenshot back into an image editor program and then edit or save it. To complete this task, it can be seen that taking a screenshot and cropping a small task takes more than 5 minutes.
But there is another default Windows program called Snipping Tool for taking screenshots and simultaneously taking screenshots or selecting screenshots to take screenshots. You will not always find this program right in front of your eyes. So before taking the screenshot you need to open the program by searching from the Windows Start menu. After typing the Snipping word in the Start menu's search bar, you will find the program in the search results above. The program will then open in a small wide window.

13. Built-in emoji input:

There are very few people who have ever used Windows PCs or laptops but never had problems with emoji interfering in a text field. Because, on a Windows device, the traditional hardware keyboard we type in, there is no option to enter emoji. So in Windows, there was no way to input emoji into a text field without having to copy and paste the emoji from anywhere. However, many may not be aware that the latest version of Windows 10, the Creators Update, has been given the option to input built-in emoji, and it works on Facebook, Twitter, and on any website or program.
Simply put, it will work wherever you find something to type in Windows. All you need to do is press the Windows key and the Full Stop key while typing. That means you have to hold down the Windows logo button on the keyboard while pressing the full stop button. Then a small popup window will open in front of you containing all kinds of emoji and you can select any emoji from there and enter it in the text field. If you want to search by typing the name of the emoji you are looking for, you can also intercept from this popup window.

14. Special sound:

You can turn on this option if you want to get a special sound effect like 3D on your headphone or to taste the gaming. You have to turn on the special sound by clicking on the Hidden tab of the task bar and clicking on the Right button in the Sound section.

15. Charity Engine:

Although it is turned on, it is sometimes disable to suddenly shut down on a PC. When enabled, it is used as a virtual processor guide. So to enable it from Disable, go to the Start menu of the PC and type charity engine (GPU) and search it will be enabled.

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