What is the search engine and how does the search engine work?

Internet users have searched their required information in a variety of ways. Someone has directly entered the address and visited his desired website. And those who do not know the addresses of specific sites, they usually search by entering keywords in search engines. Then the search engine provides different information according to its keywords. Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines are the most popular of the current time. Most Internet users depend on search engines to find the information they need. Without knowing an address through search engines, it is easy to find useful information or website. So internet users and web developers have a lot of importance in search engines.

We used this search engine to get thousands of information in hand with one hand. Ever wondered, where does this information come from or how it comes? The answer to this question will be simple, Google provides all the information through our web browser. So the question is where does Google get all this information? Today I will show you how Google gives you this information and how to present your favorite blog in front of everyone through a search engine.

Where does it come from?

When you put a file or a song on your desktop's desktop or laptop or hard disk of your hands, it gets very easy, but the information you get from the Internet is not on your computer or the hard disk of the mobile device. The question is, where do they come from? Below, I'm referring you through an example.

Example: Suppose your computer's hard disk is not connected to the computer and put it somewhere else. How do you see the files or songs of those hard disks? To do this, you will need to have your hard disk connected to the Internet through special technology, ie network servers. Only then will you see those files without having to connect the hard disk to your computer. Just like every search engine has such a huge hard disk server. In which every search engine stores all the information on the Internet in those hard disks and from there it provides information according to search quarry. Now you might think another question will arise, how does the search engine collect these information?

How Does Search Engine Collecting Data?

Every search engine has a kind of Web Crawler software. These are called "robots or bots" in search engine language. Each of these Web Crawlers internet sites are visited by each link regularly. Every time a site is visited, it collects new links on the site and removes dead links from the server. Thus, every site continues to be crawl and the new information is being stored in the server of their search engine.

How does the search results come in?

This issue is very important for a blogger or web developer. Because after a site is crawl it is stored in search engines' hard disk, but whether it will show up in search engines or whether it will be kept statically, depending on index. If your blog link is indexed then your entry will be published in search engine. Depending on the value of your article this index will be duplicated. If your writing is good and unique, then there should be index and the article will be the top of the search engine. If not indexed then Web Crawlers will delete it from its stored data.

From the above content, you can get at least some ideas, how does the search engine work? If you want to display the content of your blog at the top of the search engine in front of all you must write the article of good quality. There are also some rules that you have to agree to. When all your blog content is top of search engine then you will be known as a successful blogger.

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