What is public WiFi? 5 reasons to not use the free WiFi zone

Have you ever wondered how safe it is to use public WiFi? In public WiFi, I mean those who do not have to type any password to use such as coffee shop, market, fast food shop, free WiFi zone etc. Using WiFi without a password is very dangerous. At these access points, hackers can keep traps for you. And you can get lost in your email, Facebook password, sensitive video, bank account number, etc. with that trap.

Why not use:

Using it may steal confidential information. The question may be: How can your privacy be stolen if you use public WiFi? Hackers usually target themselves with WiFi routers that are not password protected. Note that your home WiFi password is given? If no password is given, then you too can fall into the trap of a hacker.

Public WiFi access without password:

Let's say you are using password protected WiFi. In this case, you can fall into the trap of hackers if your router does not have a custom user name and password. So you understand that the default user name and password cannot be forgotten on the router. Because a hacker has nothing to do with access to such a router. And if a hacker gets access to the router connected to your WiFi then he can see it all. You can also see what password is provided on Eben WiFi. Now if you exchange files using WiFi like this, you can get the best out of the man in the middle attack. In this way, you will unknowingly hand over all the information to the other.

Browse different web sites:

Using public WiFi is very popular for hackers. Because your eating can be a threat to you. For those web sites that do not have security measures, all the information that they visit on those websites becomes unsafe. So if you are not SSL certified go to the free WiFi zone and do not give your personal information on unsafe site. Many times you can be sure that this is a secure or secure site by looking at https: // on the web site.

Try to hack by Fake WiFi:

Many times Fake Hotpots are created to fool around. And it looks exactly like real WiFi. Because of which you can not easily see if it is real or fake. Face WiFi is arranged in such a way that it looks exactly like the WiFi in your home. Due to which your computer or mobile or device on which you run the net will be configured. And if he is connected to the wrong WiFi then it can be said that there is bad news for you. And that is, your computer or mobile can be hacked.

It's not dangerous to use any of the websites:

The web sites you use will notice that they contain SSL, TSL, https: //. Ex: www.google.com, www.youtube.com. Which maintains the security of you and your browsing web site. Such security is usually available on all popular web sites.
After saying so much, you might wonder what to do now, whether to run public WiFi or not. So I wouldn't say invoice is good. Still, be careful if you ever need to. Because your information is valuable to you. Try to keep it as safe as possible.

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