What is Command Prompt or CMD? 10 Essential CMD Tips

The command prompt that we publish is cmd. There are two ways we can control our PCs, using the command prompt and the graphical interface. To control the mouse, without the keyboard, you need to go to the command prompt and type different commands and give instructions. Early in the history of modern computer history, our ancestors used to write and program various instructions to control the computer. Now we do not have to write commands to keep pace with time. However, there are still some tasks that you cannot do without a command prompt. Command Prompt has some funny commands that you know will make you feel like a user at another level. You can do the very secret work of Windows or Bios with this command prompt. Today I will give you 3 fun special commands at the command prompt. So let's know the commands that keep you ahead of everyone else as a computer user.

01. Privacy Command:

There is a lot of stuff on our PC that is very important and secret. If you leave them like other normal files, they can be damaged at any time. Sure thinking about security? The command prompt will give you the ability to encrypt. For this, first go to CMD and enter your file location. To get to CMD, press the Win + R key and press the Run command. Then type cmd and press enter when the command prompt will open. Now suppose a folder is named test01 on the desktop. Now you will type cd desktop first in the command then press enter then write cd test01 ie filename, press enter cd cipher / E and then press enter then your folder is saved.

02. command prompt color change command:

Working with a command prompt? By default, its color is usually white and black. You can set the color you want out of this white and black color. For this, you need to go to the command prompt and type help color then press enter to see the serial number of the color. Suppose I want to give a red color. So now we have to type in the command color 04 then the color change will be done by pressing enter.

03. Use special characters at the command prompt:

At the command prompt, each character carries multiple values. So you cannot use lowercase letters or characters as you wish. However, there are some strategies for using these characters. Suppose I use a special character @ in my name. So all I have to do is go to the command prompt and type prompt sojib @ ahamed $ G and press enter. You can now see that there are different commands in the window.

04. Change the command prompt window bar name:

We can see in the window that we are currently working on, that is, the command prompt window that says command prompt. You can change the name of this window to your name if you want. For example, I will type the command and type its name as my command. Then, at the command prompt, type the title my command and press enter.

05. Play at the command prompt The first game of the computer age:

As many of us may know, the first multimedia two-D game in the computer age is star war. But has anyone ever played this game? Well if you are playing or not, you can play this game at the command prompt as you wish. Just write this line in ASCII code telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl and start playing the game.

06. Control the WiFi hotspot from the command prompt:

If you find that your PC's WiFi hotspot is not working properly then no worries. You can turn on another option. Type at the command prompt netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode = allow ssid = HotspotName key = Password Then press enter then your wifi hotspot will be configured. Now to turn it on, enter netsh wlan start hostednetwork and netsh wlan stop hostednetwork.

07. Folder Folder Safely:

You may have noticed that if you go to a folder properties, then it can be easily found by going to any drive on the PC and re-selecting the show Hide file. What is the problem, don't you think? So let's think about something more advanced. At the command prompt, first indicate your folder location. Like I put one of my folders on the desktop and want to hide it called test02. In this case, you have to type cd desktop down and enter again Attrib + h + s + r test02 Press Enter and you will see that the folder is hid. Now if you want to show the folder again, type Attrib -h -s -r test02

08. Copy the command from the command prompt:

As you all may notice, the command can never be copied from the command prompt in general. But you can copy and use the commands if you have a slightly different strategy. To do this, you first click on the Edit button in the window at the command prompt and copy and go to Edit. Then paste it into any word file and save it.

09. Installed program list power command:

If you want to see what programs have been installed on your computer in real time, you can use the command prompt. The command prompt will display the name of the program from small to large or hidden. Another benefit is that you can check if any spyware is installed on your PC. To view the program list type wmic product get name and press enter. Then you will see a list of programs shortly. If you want to delete a program from these programs, type wmic product where "program name" call uninstall / nointeractive and press enter.

10. Open the command prompt from the directory:

You can open the command prompt from any folder you want or from the drive. For this you have to search the drive or folder address bar by typing cmd and you can work directly with that folder / drive.

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