What is 32 bit or 64 bit operating system and why?

The topic I am talking about today is either 32 Bit or 64 Bit Operating System or Processore. I think many are worried about the installation of 32 Bit Operating System on my computer or 64 Bit Operating System? Again, if you want to install any software, it shows 32 bits or 64 bits. So, we will discuss the details of what this story really is.

Here is another thing I want to say to you - that you will see another number with 32 bit or 64 bits is X86. 32 Bit and X86 Bit These two are made of the same architect. So we put these two on one side. On the other hand, 64 bits Today we will know the details of these two. Let's start ......

First, the reason for separating 32bit and 64 bits is because of Memory Addressing Power. 32 bit Memory Addressing Power is a little less than 64 bits and it's a lot more. What I said here is definitely not in your head. Now we can say a little more. When a computer processor processes a data, then the data is kept temporarily anywhere. And for that we use Random Access Memory or Ram. I told you earlier that in 32-bit Memory Addressing Power is a little less and 64-bit is much more. How is this calculation done now? See below ......

1 bit (2^1) = 2 Memory Location ( memory location for 1 bit )
2 bit (2^2) = 4 Memory Location ( memory location for 2 bit )
3 bit (2^3) = 8 Memory Location ( memory location for 3 bit)
4 bit (2^4) = 16 Memory Location ( memory location for 4 bit)

That is, every bit will be as good as the power of 2. If we go up to 32 bits in this way, then the Amount will be -

32 bit (2^32) = 4294967296 Memory Location

If we convert such a bigger number to GB (GB) then it stands at 4 GB. That means 4GB of RAM will be used in 32-bit operating systems. If your computer has 4 GB of RAM and the operating system is 32 bits, then 4GB of RAM will not be used. Because we have calculated above that RAM is used for up to 4 GB of 32-bit operating system. The rest is the same way.

Now if we calculate 64-bit memory space, the number that comes in is -

64 bit (2^64) = 18446744073709551616

It is not possible for me to say so large numbers. So I will convert it to Exabyte. Because Gigabyte converted, the number will look much larger. But I'm showing you two things to understand.

64 bit (2^64) = 18446744073709551616
or, 17179869184 GigaByte (GB)
or, 16 ExaByte (EB)

That means, up to 16 ExaByte (EB) RAM will be used in 64-bit operating systems. But such a big ram was never discovered. But the way technology goes forward one day will probably be discovered but it is not possible for us to see it. Our granddaughter Puthi may not be able to see. It's a matter of a long time.

That is, the brief is that - 32 bits of operating system will be used up to 4 GB. The 64-bit operating system will have the largest RAM in the market and it will be used up to 16 ExaByte (EB). Now if you have 4 GB or less RAM on your computer, then you have to use 32-bit operating system. If you use 64 bits then your computer will work slow.

If your computer's RAM is above 4 GB then you will get a lot of performance if you use the 64-bit operating system. Which will not be 32 bits. Because 32 bit is too old and 64 bit Latest Now if your computer has 4GB of RAM, which is perfect for 32bit, but if you want to run 64bit, you can run it, but the speed of the computer work will be slow.

That is, all things will be used in the 32-bit operating system, up to 4 GB of RAM, and 64-bit operating systems will be used as much as 4GB above. Another interesting thing is that the 64-bit operating system is now used on mobile.

Even after reading such a great article, there is still a question in your mind - how will I see how many bits of operating system is installed on my computer? If you want to see it, you can click on the mouse on My Computer or This PC and click on the Right button and from there to Properties, you can see how many bits of operating system installed on your computer.

This was discussed in detail today. I do not know what you mean. Even if you like it, share it with your friend and let them know. Only then will our writing be successful. And we are encouraged to write a better article.

Thank you so much for reading the article discussing your valuable time. I hope that through this article you have learned, understood and learned a little bit. Still, if someone has difficulty understanding or informing us of any kind of problem then we can report it to us. We will try to solve your problem, InshaAllah

Today so far Again, you will be presented in front of any other technical article. Be well, stay healthy and stay in touch with the state. Thanks ...

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