Want to earn from youtube? Know everything

Want to earn from youtube? Know everything: Currently, anyone in the internet world is asked what is the most popular media for video sharing? Everyone will tell YouTube one by one. From the beginning of the footsteps, YouTube has overtaken various types of benefits and new features, and the other video sharing media across the Internet world. According to various surveys, hundreds of billions of videos are uploaded every minute daily, every day millions of people are roaming around YouTube, doing their own preferences like watching videos.

In the history of YouTube, the first video of 2006 was only 18 seconds in length. After that, YouTube has now occupied the top position through video sharing through thousands of video uploads every day.

However, YouTube's original owner Google did not stop, but using the new idea made the user more interested in using YouTube. YouTube now offers regular cash payments based on how often the video uploader's video has been watched and the amount of subscribers the video channel has.

As a result of this, just enjoying a video unilaterally as it has become a habit of humanity, they are now making use of YouTube as their own career. To make money from YouTube, it is necessary to first get involved with Google Adsense. Then, uploading the latest videos will also increase the number of subscribers to increase the regular subscriber and view the video. Above all, to develop a career through YouTube, you have to develop yourself as a creative person.

Copying the video of another, uploading it to your own channel or using another's content in its own name, is a very bad work for YouTube. For this, YouTube has the power to shut down those channels directly. So you have to try to upload the videos you create yourself to your channel. There must be an interesting video title that people are interested to watch the video. However, it is advisable to abandon obscene titles in this regard because of the principle, because this country, society and individuality are harmed to these three things.

There are many kinds of tags to upload the video tags option. Because the more tags that will be there, the videos will be visible to the people. Try to create interesting videos. Even if it is not possible, you can give a variety of useful tutorials or videos of some interesting things through the computer screen recorder, and you can give it to your channel.

Now many brilliant young people of this country have found new ways through YouTube, Top Rated YouTube users of Bangladesh now earn between 1 and 10 lakhs per month from YouTube. But behind him there is untiring hard work and endless patience.

Here are some tips for new YouTube users who want to build a career on the YouTube

1. If you want to make a career on YouTube, you will know the beginning of YouTube.

2. Create a team whose hard work and creativity both exist.

3. Many people think that if the camera is not too expensive, the video will not be good, but it is wrong to remember that the quality of video will be more valuable than what your content is like.

4. Create creative scripts, try to do something that is irritating to see the same trending fan video in the past, which has never been done before or even very few. This will increase the interest of people to see your content.

5. There is a lot more to do in the campaign, and you also have to work harder for your whole team.

6. Do not worry about the lack of knowledge about youtube and do not worry about building a YouTube career.

7. Before you start the job, do a good research on any kind of content that you should now be able to make and implement the decision.

8. Share a lot more and, after uploading the video, select the best thumbnails when editing the content so that people are interested in seeing the thumbnail, view the content. However, it is better not to use irrelevant thumbnails with the video, but later it loses interest to watch the video.

9. Keep in mind that the more subscribers you can create and the number of visitors to the video you can reach. Youtube will also pay you based on that amount. So your goal is to spend that amount of labor behind this career.

10. Make healthy content, and try to reach people with good content through those content. It will be more attractive to your channel, as it will fulfill your human obligations.

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