The 5 best password managers | Get rid of the hassle of remembering passwords

Password Manager. We were not familiar with this name before. But now the magnitude of the work of the people has increased more than ever. Now people are taking time off offline, physically creating work areas as well as creating work areas online. And the working areas of this online world are connected to various social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.), bank accounts, security, various government / private office websites, business websites, news portals, etc. And for each of these there is an account system that is password protected. Remembering so many accounts and so many passwords, as well as saving them, is a very complex problem. Moreover, with the increase in information technology-centric work, cybercrime has increased. There are various types of security systems of different companies to get rid of this insecurity. One such security system is called Password Manager. Password Manager will store all your account passwords and keep you worry-free. You don't even have to memorize dozens of passwords, but just one master password. Today we will know about 3 such password managers.

01. Ice Cream Password Manager:

Ice Cream Password Manager is a free application that can manage your passwords, credit cards, credentials, software licenses, safe notes, driving licenses, passports, bank accounts and FTP accounts. The app is able to securely protect your data with AES-256 Best Encryption, so you don't need to worry about the privacy of your items. Like other password managers, it has only one master password. One of its unique features is that all its passwords can be placed in the drop box vault. Another nice feature is the Autolock feature, which can be set to the user's liking. Do you like your convenience? Ice Cream Password Manager supports browser plugins that allow you instant access to all the data stored by your selected browser.

02. Kaspersky Password Manager:

Kaspersky is a famous antivirus company. Kaspersky Password Manager is able to securely store your passwords, website addresses and bank details, as well as adjust them on all your devices. The app is really easy to setup and use; Just install it and follow a quick process to create a master-password, as well as two more steps, and you can use this extraordinary quality password manager. Kaspersky Password Manager allows you to generate your passwords on your PC, providing greater security. Kaspersky Password Manager has both Free and Premium. If you use Free, you can save up to 5 accounts. And Premium Premium Unlimited.

03. LastPass:

Personally I use LastPass myself. To me this is the best. LastPass is an award-winning password manager that can store your passwords and provide you with secure access to any computer and mobile device. It uses only one master password. It remembers the last passwords for the accounts you use. In addition, AES 256bit encryption and PBKDF2 encryption keys are used for its security.

04. Password Boss:

For a beginner, this password manager works really well. Password Boss stores your passwords and gives them secure access to every computer you use. It also provides secure cloud backup, two-step verification and 256bit AES encryption. Password Boss is able to create all passwords that you can provide whenever you need and will automatically fill up later, so you don't have to worry about forgetting your login details on your website or any website or service. It will sync your passwords for you wherever you need them, across all your devices

05. Password Memory:

Password memory generates secure passwords using various algorithms to perform encryption. It automatically generates random passwords for higher security. Different options make the best security using the road. Password Memory will help you to work with alternative languages even if you want to customize its formats. You can also create a shortcut icon on your desktop if you want quick access. This allows you to set your iris, fingerprint, voice, etc. as the master password. It also does a great job of protecting your PC. There are both free and premium versions. But I would tell you to try the free version first. It will take full responsibility for your system but will not slow down your device.

Here are the 3 best password manager contacts this year. You can try it out. Apart from these there are many other password managers but I do not like the security of them. You can use either of these five comments to comment on what it looked like or what your problem looked like. If you have any questions or know, feel free to comment.

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