The 12 signs that your laptop / desktop will be hacked

Today, I know, 12 signs of your computer being hacked. Cyber-attacks are now a cause for concern for all. So everyone is busy protecting their computer and information. If you think your password is known to someone else or someone tells you your password, then notice if there is a change in your computer?

Today I will tell you 12 signs that you will understand that your computer has been hacked or your picture has been stolen.

Antivirus is off:

Antivirus is very difficult to keep off. You can't do it easily if you want. They have some rules to turn it off. They may ask you two or more times whether they really want to go off. The first thing hackers do is turn off antivirus so you don't get caught. So if you ever find that your computer is antivirus turned off then turn it back on and get a computer specialist in it.

Fake antivirus notification:

If you find that your antivirus is showing notifications a little differently then you may find that your computer is hacked. Another bad sign is that you have a new anti-virus that you haven't installed, so check without worrying that the antivirus you're using has been updated.

Password does not work:

If you are unable to access your account, click on the Forgot Password below and reset your password with your mobile number. Make sure you call your acquaintances with it so that they do not read any message sent from you and do not go to that link if any link is shared.

Friend list increased:

If you notice that your social account's friends list has friends who you don't know and their number is too high then your computer or your account is definitely hacked. Check your and your friends' messages from the spam message options.

New icon in dashboard:

If you notice that the dashboard at the top has added a new icon while using the browser, it can be a sign of something terrible. Do not use an application you are unfamiliar with unless you want to get hackers on the go. Try to delete.

Move the cursor alone:

If you find that your cursor is moving alone and it is working or highlighted, then you can be sure that your computer is hacked. Someone is doing something right then. At the moment, all you have to do is disconnect from the Internet as soon as possible.

Printer not working properly:

You may be surprised to know that your computer can sometimes be hacked not only from the net, but for example. Other devices are connected to your computer in the same way.

Navigate to different websites:

You should know that if your browser takes you to different websites then you should go to a specialist.

Your file has been deleted:

100% Make sure your computer is hacked to see if any of your files are empty. Don't worry there are many tools that will help you recover your lost files.

Your Data is going on Internet:

If you find that you have not given your data to the Internet and you have not given them in an amazing way, then don't be afraid. Many times hackers do this to blackmail. In that case, you should call your bank and arrange for payment to be made online from your account and then tell a specialist.


Check if your webcam indicator blinks, then know that no application is required that requires a web camera. If you don't see a reason for turning on the webcam, reboot your system and check again. However, if the web camera is turned on then that is a cause for concern.

The computer is very slow:

If your computer takes too long to do any of the normal tasks and you think it is a trap then you can initially assume that the computer has been hacked. Then reboot your computer and check the system again. Maybe you need a hardware upgrade. If that doesn't work then you know what to do. Call a specialist. If after all this your problem is not resolved then contact the specialist.

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