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Before starting blogging, the most important thing that comes is Domain Name. Choosing a good domain with respect to the subject matter of the blog is the key to success. When every new blogger wants to choose a good domain name for their blog, he has to face many challenges / challenges. Because then you can see that the domain name that is compatible with your subject is probably used by someone other than before. A good domain name will bring some more visitors to your blog. Because the visitor likes to visit more than that kind of blog, whose blog's Domain Name is beautiful and straightforward. If you are new to blogging and want to choose a good domain name, you can follow these tips. These tips will undoubtedly help you to choose a good domain name.

  1. Popular Domain Name Search: This is an interesting way, because in this way you will be able to attract visitors to your blog through all the other popular blogs. For this reason, search the popular blogs that match the topic you want to write about. For example - suppose you blogging about technology topics. In this case, select the domain name of all the blogs that are writing about the technology topic. Then from the selected Domain Name, which blogs will see the popularity of the most. You can select your blog's domain name keeping the blogs popular with those blogs. For example - you can take in line with the site. This will create the possibility of getting your blog when the visitor searches for a search by typing education.
  2. Dot Com Domain: In fact, the domain name of the internet world was just Dot Com, but at the present time there are so many domain names that ordinary people still do not know. They still think that the website means Dot Com. So, a good domain of Dot Com domain will be an intelligent job.
  3. Small and Interesting Domain Name: Like a blog, small, easy and interesting to match the contents of your blog. By doing so, visitors can easily read and remember your blog's Domain Name. You do not choose a name that is difficult to pronounce. Choose a name for the simplest and lively language. No Hyphen (-) can be used in the Domain Name. Because the domain name is not possible for everyone to remember the inner hyphen. Moreover, it will also affect your blog's page ranking. So it's better not to use hyphens.
  4. Header Domain Name: You must type the domain name in the blog's title description. Because when visitors visit the blog from your search engine, they will see the domain name of your blog in the title. With this, you can easily remember the Domain Name.
  5. Enter Domain Name in Key Word: You certainly know that almost every visitor comes to the website from the search engine, almost everyone comes through a key word. So, what is the importance of the ward? For this, when you type the key in your blog's Template, write the key word of your blog subject matter as well as the domain name. For example - Check out my blog's keyword 'Blog Tips, Blogging, Online Income, SEO, Shikkhamela, Technology, Blog, Blogging Tips, Android Tricks, Android Apps'. You can see here that I used my blog's Domain Name.

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