Know what SSD vs HDD is best for you.

Technology is coming to the hands of the day. The longer the speed of the devices, the greater the speed. I will discuss one such thing today.

Today's topic is SSD vs HDD. SSD means - Solid State Drive and HDD are meant to be - Hard Disk Drive. Both of these are storage devices and computer data is stored here. How fast the computer will open and how quickly the computer files will open depends on the speed of this storage device. First, discuss HDD. Those who use computers must know the hard disk. IBM invented Hard Disk in 1956. Inside this hard disk there are some spinning plates that turn very loud. Data is stored on these plates using magnesium and magnetism. There is a Read-Write head on the plate, through which the data is read and written. The faster this hard disk plate will be, the faster the read-write speed.

Now come on SSD. SSD stands for Solid State Drive Usually the same mechanism is used in the SSD that mechanisms used in memory or pen drive. It stores data using some Integrator Circuit. Now let's see which one is better between HDD and SSD. To understand this I have highlighted the difference between these two. When you see the difference, you can understand which one is good and which one will get you good performance.


  1. Firstly, because of some moving parts on the HDD, it is more likely to be physically damaged. On the other hand, due to no moving parts in SSD it is unlikely it will be damaged.
  2. Because of moving parts to HDD, the sound is in it, it shakes and becomes a bit hot. On the other hand, due to no moving parts in SSD, there is no sound in it and not too hot.
  3. Thirdly, HDD takes power over electricity, but SSD costs very little.
  4. A computer with a HDD takes 30-40 seconds to boot. On the other hand, a computer with a SSD boot takes just 10 - 13 seconds to boot.
  5. HDD file copying speed 50 - 120mbps On the other hand SSD files are copied to 200 - 500 Mbps speed.
  6. The SSD is 30% faster than the HDD
  7. The price of a 1 TB HDD is 5K-7K BDT. On the other hand, a 1 TB SSD costing up to 30K-32K BDT
But if you install a small size SSD only if you install the operating system then you can get a big improvmentem of computer performance. I myself used a 120 GB SSD. The price of a 120 GB SSD is 4K-5K BDT. You can use it to install and install your computer's operating system.

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