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Not just online news media. Facebook, the world's largest social network, will pay for managing any website based on content. In fact, Facebook has introduced this feature to keep users on their social media platforms more time, to fast site access (loading time), news sites to get more Facebook, to capture advertisers' target PEOPLE and to share revenue with website owners. If the income is $ 100 then your bank account will come. Already the top news media of Bangladesh has been linked to the instant article on Facebook. Besides, small and medium online press agencies in Dhaka city and outside Dhaka are also connected with this method every time. As a result, earning money from Facebook is also earning extra money by operating the office and paying the workers. However, many start the instant article but do not get the desired results. Some people are going out of the rules and turning on the instant article, the account is being canceled.

What is Instant Article?

Facebook has been an integral part of modern life for a long time. Facebook is not just a medium of social communication, but it is here to find out the various national and international news. Headlines or links to thousands of news headlines every day in Facebook Newsfeed To read the news from this title, you have to leave Facebook on a specific website. And the mobile phone readers only know how much time it is! Do not want to wait for the waiting turn again. Facebook has come to change the traditional bitter experience of the reader, a magic wand called 'instant article'. Now a click on the news headline or link, right! The news will be available on Facebook in lightning When you post a post on your website as an instant article, users will not have to spend an MB to read it in new tabs or browsers. But yes, Facebook Instant Article only allows smartphone users to see.

The world's largest news media has already been associated with the instant article feature on Facebook. US Press The New York Times, BuzzFed, National Geographic was the first in the list. Later, the more moderate media was involved with the instant article. Popular newspapers like The Washington Post, Huffington Post, The Independent, India Today, have also become integral to the instant article to make the reader's news reading experience comfortable.

In early March 2015, Mark Zuckerberg offered a direct content post to several media to provide hosting services for news sharing in the news market. Huffington Post, National Geographic, New York Times, BBC and BuzzFeed have the opportunity to post content directly through instant articles. Then on April 12, 2016, formally opened the instant article for all, Facebook. The new addition or feature of Facebook is primarily meant to change the experience of internet users from mobile phones. At the fastest time (Facebook says, electricity is), an internet user can read his favorite news from Facebook. By knowing the name, the main feature of this feature is 'Immediate'. He saw and click, That will be the work that has to be done. You have to wait for news or any content to be loaded.

For the reader, the instant article is more open, the instant article is a kind of app. Suppose you are using Facebook from mobile. At that time you saw a news link on your Newsfeed, then clicked. Then the site of the news will be loaded on your mobile, and then you can see the whole news, so do it! The instant article magic is there. Forget about how it happened before, before. As soon as clicking on a news link attached to the instant article, it will come in your mobile, because it works 10 times faster. And bigger than that, it is the first thing that brings the news to your mobile, and not the site.

Users can now zoom into any of the high-resolution zones, automatically watching the video you can watch without any interruption. You do not have to think that it has been loaded from the internet, but it seems like it is a saved file, you have opened immediately after clicking! Whether there is any content related to the instant article, there is an easy way to understand it. Whenever you see a thunderbolt sign on the right of any shared link, understand that it is the instant article!

Instant Article Facility

  • The article will load very fast.
  • From the next article, there will be an article cache, and it will be loaded from the cache instead of being reloaded.
  • Article status can be found on Facebook page.
  • Generate revenue by adding monetization.

Instant Articles Difficulty

  • Site widgets, especially in WordPress, will not work in many shortcodes.
  • Visitors of the main site will be reduced.
  • But the site's ranking will not be reduced.

Everything that needs to be added to the instant article

  • Another Facebook page for the site (but the instant article on the new page has become much harder now)
  • Regular text should be published on the site
  • Instant Articles for WP Plugin
  • Bank account

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