How to turn on Facebook instant article

You can start Facebook Instant Article on your website just by completing 6 steps.

  1. First click on to see how each step Facebook shows you how to do it.
  2. After signing up, you will be asked to select your page on the next page. You can select the page, from the page you want to start the instant article system. If you agree with the terms of the Facebook, mark this box and turn on 'Instant Article Tools'.
  3. Now go to your selected page. From there, click Publishing Tools. After clicking on the left side you will see new options called 'instant article'. From there click on 'Configuration'.
  4. Click on 'Authorize your site'.
  5. After clicking on Authorized Your Site, you will be taken to a new box below, where you can link to your personal website. Here's one thing to say, if you are a WordPress website, then you must launch a new addon on your site "Facebook Instant Article" and then immediately submit the link for the instant article. If you want to link your website directly to the HTML website then you will claim. If you can not claim, contact your site's developer.
  6. After properly claiming your website link, Facebook Automatically brings all the posts posted on your website to Instant Content Tools. From there, Facebook will select 5 articles automatically for review. After properly submitting your post review, you will have to wait 24-48 hours. All right, will allow you to publish instant articles on your page. You will usually receive reviews within 2 to 3 days. If your writing is unique then your account will be launched as a Facebook Instant article. Once your Instant article is activated, you can see how much Income is going to your Facebook developer app.

Information that is important to know

If the instant article is active then you must give unique content. Even though copy site content was initially received, Facebook would have accepted it. Since the recent updates, Facebook has canceled the instant article on the contents of the coppecific content. If you want to increase the income from this feature, especially the bigger Bangladeshi immigrants will have to target. From there, the reader enters the comparative income will increase. Many believe that the instant article reduces the traffic to the website. Actually the readers of the site will reduce the reader of the site but the hits of the site will not decrease. At the same time, the instant article will not affect the Alexa ranking as well. For this, the google analytics code will be placed on the instant article on Facebook and the reader's statistics will be shown to the analyst.

How much money can be earned?

Depending on how popular your online news media will be based on how much your income will be. The language of your site is Bengali or English is not a matter. Income will be added to your account from where the reader reads in the country or abroad. If you are a reader in major countries like the United States, UK, Singapore, Australia, your income will be relatively high. There are also websites that earn millions of dollars from Bangladesh.

How will the ad come?

Facebook will publish advertisements with your Facebook page posts through instant articles from your website, and for that ad, Facebook will basically give you money. If you have to add Google Adsense to your website, then it will not have any effect on 'Facebook Instant Article'.

How will the money come?

Money will come directly to your bank account. Or if your Facebook Instant article sees any agency then they will come with their own money and give you a check or cash payment. If not at least $ 100, Facebook does not send any payment, and if you have more than 10,000 dollars, you have to go to the bank and fill in the form. With the included invoice sent from Facebook. Then, without any restriction, the money will come to your bank account in time.

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