How to increase the views of YouTube Video?

All of you are aware of one thing that the majority of viewers in the YouTube channel video will have more income from Google Adsense. Among the best ways to make money online, YouTube is one of the most simple and trusted platforms. Typically, there is no need for any kind of expertise in YouTube for the experience of having to earn from online or blogging online. A person can capture different views through his own cameras, and if you can upload good quality videos, you will be able to earn money from YouTube without any extra experience. In addition, you can earn money by creating a tutorial about which you know best. I know there is no other easy platform to earn money from the internet.

There are some types of YouTube videos that have a lot of competitiveness. Particularly those who share videos of tutorial type, their compatibility is a bit more. Because this type of video has been uploaded to YouTube a lot. And those who upload photocopies of YouTube on different subject matter of nature, this competition is less in their case. For example - people who share videos with Wild Life are more likely to get more viewers because their competitiveness is less and popular. You can easily achieve success if you upload such a video.

However, following the techniques of those who have more video competencies, you can make your position in the YouTube search results, leaving behind the others. To increase the views on the YouTube Channel, we'll share some techniques today that will make your channel popular by using the application. Take a look at today's post topics -

  1. Use Video Titles, Descriptions and Tags
  2. Video shared on various social media.
  3. Editing video well and adding different effects.
  4. Increase Subscriber.
Today we will discuss all the above topics. However, before uploading the video, definitely your YouTube channel will be well organized. If you do not know how to create YouTube channels properly, you can take a look at the details from the post before us.

The exact description of the video:

  • Video Titles: After creating the video, give the name of the video in a manner that matches the video's content. If you create a play and give the video name as a movie, then the potential for getting the view of the video is reduced first. In relation to the subject matter of the video you created, write the title of the video in a beautiful manner.
  • Video Description: As soon as the video is uploaded, you will see an empty room for writing descriptions below the video. Here you have to type descriptions for at least 8-10 lines. Writing a short explanation, along with an article that might be read about your video. It will basically work like the Matte descriptions tag. When someone searches on YouTube by writing something that matches the subject of your video, then if you do not get the keywords in the title then you can get the results if the video is available in search results.
  • Video Tags: Most of the new YouTube users do not care about this because they do not understand this. After uploading the video, you will see an empty house just below tags for the descriptions below. Here are the small tags given. You will only select a category from your video, meaning that your video will have the exact type or type of 2 or 4 tags selected. The search engines will be able to easily understand the type of your video.

Video shared on various social media:

  • Share faster: When you upload a video, without leaving the video, you will start sharing it yourself. No one will know about the newly uploaded video if your channel is new. After uploading for it, as soon as possible to share with various social media '. By doing this, at least those media crawlers will be able to bring some visitors to your video idea. If your video gets old, without increasing the share and viewer, the value of the video will decrease to the search engines.
  • Notified via email: Some individuals and organizations who are regularly associated online can collect e-mail addresses and email them to tell about your video. This will increase the viewer of your video and create a kind of communication with everyone. If you do this, you will definitely get some traffic in your video.
  • Share on social media: Social media has made important contributions in increasing traffic in both blogs or YouTube. Creating a page in the name of YouTube channel in different social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram, can increase the viewer's video easily if you can increase the inventory.
  • Share on blogs and websites: You can also increase the viewer by sharing videos to your known or friends' good quality blog. It is now possible to create a custom blog easily through the Google Blogspot. In this case, sharing your YouTube channel's videos as well as sharing some articles about the video can increase the viewer's video.

Video Editing and Adding Effect:

  • Make interesting videos: It is very important to create professional quality videos through Video Editing for creating tutorial videos. In this case, you can learn from the best video editing software from any organization. The best way to represent videos by adding different visual effects, the more visitors you can have on your channel.
  • Background Music: Besides editing the video well, keep some interesting music in the video's background. This work will increase the attractiveness of the viewer to the video. But keep in mind that when the video has its own sound, the sound of the music is not as high as your sound. Trying to create a tutorial for your voice, will try to introduce regional language in smart, beautiful and sublime language.
  • Edit After Upload: After uploading the video, add the video link of your channel using the YouTube Video Editor via annotation to the text link form. In view of this, viewers would love to watch your video and would love to watch another video. This issue will easily increase the viewer of your video.

Increase Organic Views:

  • Increase Subscriber: Organic traffic is very important for success in any case on the Internet. Without organic traffic, it is not possible to increase the number of blogs or YouTube channels. In order to get organic traffic to YouTube, you must increase your channel subscriber. In one word, the more subscribers the channel has, the higher the video view and the amount of revenue. To increase Subscriber, ask to subscribe to your video's in-depth question and add the subscription options to the video.
  • Like and Dislike increase in the video: Just be sure to subscribe to the video as well as the time of the video, as well as the like to call. If you have a lot of likes in your video and some dislike, both will work as the increase in traffic. Because unlike the likes of the likes of the video, Dislike can not afford its real meaning. YouTube assumes the video has something good for which Like and Dislike is happening. However, unlike the likes of more than it, the interests can be reversed. In this case, be sure to check the quality of your video. Then there will not be any more dislike.
  • Increase Comments: In order to create a good ranking, the comments are very important to the search engines. If there is a lot of comments on a video, then that video can leave behind many cool videos without commenting on search results. In this case, you create the video in such a way that the viewers will see some small questions in their mind after watching the video. For the sake of that question, you will be able to increase the comment in the comments section of your video
By uploading the best quality videos, following all the tips above, you can be a good-to-be YouTuber in a short time. It should be noted that without a good video you will not be able to increase the viewer. It will not be possible to increase the viewer by uploading any six types of video. There are some youtube in Bangladesh who think it is possible to earn from YouTube by uploading videos from other sites. Never go to this task. YouTube does not accept any type of copied video. However, following Fair Usage Policy, you can use some parts of another's video. In this case there are many rules that will be discussed in any other post.

This was discussed in detail today. I do not know what you mean. Even if you like it, share it with your friend and let them know. Only then will our writing be successful. And we are encouraged to write a better article.

Thank you so much for reading the article discussing your valuable time. I hope that through this article you have learned, understood and learned a little bit. Still, if someone has difficulty understanding or informing us of any kind of problem then we can report it to us. We will try to solve your problem, InshaAllah

Today so far Again, you will be presented in front of any other technical article. Be well, stay healthy and stay in touch with the state. Thanks ...

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