How do blog posts fast search engine index?

Nowadays, many of us may have one or two websites. Someone might create a website with a hobby. Someone else might make a website for money income. And we all want our own website to be known to all people. And for those who make websites for money income, their website is the most important for people to get acquainted with. Because, the more the website whose more contact it will get, the more income it is normal. However, in case of income, there are some rules to follow. Only then can you earn successfully. We will discuss further details about income.

Since income has come to the fore, it is just to say that in order to earn income, the traffic of the website must be increased. Before the posts of your website must be well before the people. And your job is to reach out to people on Google's Search Engine That's why your posts need to be indexed in search engines. The faster you index your posts as search engines, the faster your posts will reach people. But in most cases it is seen that our posts are not indexed on search engines. Have you ever wondered why this is not ???

The first condition to be a post index is to write articles of good quality without copying any type of content. To get the most traffic to your blog, the first thing you need to do is write Fresh, Unique and Good Quality Content. If you write content of this Fresh, Unique and Good Quality Google Search Engine will quickly index your blog posts. And if your post content is Useless then index of search engine post contents will not be indexed. And because of not being a post index, it means decreasing your visitor's blog. Also, for the quick posting of the blog post, we will discuss the following topics, which will help your blog post to be indexed early in search engines.

The way blog post is fast index:

  • Good quality content: I have already said to you that posting fast index is a good prerequisite article writing good quality article. When you write content, keep in mind that your content is not just for indexing in search engines, but content is for readers only. There are many people who just post the article by keyword research. They think that after posting an article of Keyword Research, more visits will come and the search engine will get good ranking. Actually this is a wrong decision. You should remember that the purpose of your blogging is not only to increase traffic. Your objective is to always keep readers from all over the blog. So that the visitors frequently visit your blog to read. So considering the overall aspect, you must write good article if you want to index your posts fast.
  • Sitemap submissions: It is a very important part of the website. Sitemap is your website summary. Through this, search engines can read all the posts on your site in a nutshell. To post your blog quickly, be sure to submit to Google, Yahoo and Bing's Webmaster Tools to be indexed in search engines. With Url Fetch on Google Webmaster Tools, you can quickly index your post search engine. And if you can successfully do Sitemap, it will surely bring benefits to your blog. And you can understand it automatically when you enter Google, Yahoo and Bing's Webmaster Tools. However, you must first submit the sitemap. Sitemap without having to submit a sitemap, the benefits of Sitemap is absolutely stupid identity. Many people here may have wondered the question how to create a sitemap? I have already answered the answer to this question through another article. You can read the post before you can. So hopefully you will get full ideas about Sitemap.
  • Back link: This is one of the easiest ways to increase traffic to your blog via link back to good website. For example, you can make back links by commenting on some good website related to your blog. As a result, the possibility of getting a visitor to your blog from the desired website increases through those links. Apart from this, you can increase back links in more ways - Gast blogging, Internal Link, join various Forum, submit RSS feed to RSS directories and write good content, by looking at the good quality of content, someone else will want to share your post. . Here are some more questions we have to face. That is - what is the backlink? How to make it? And how much of its importance? I have discussed all these questions in detail in my post. You can read my post if you want.
  • Social Networking: Social networking is an important part of search engine optimization for recent times. After making any post, you can share your post in community pages or groups of social networks. As a result, your post will be easily accessible to many visitors and visitors will also understand that this is a new post. Besides, there are some sites on social network such as Facebook and Twitter that Google always indexes. By sharing these, Google Search Engine can easily get your link. I did not talk about Google+ here. Because many of you know that Google has now shut down this Google service. But if you can do those things well, I hope you succeed.
  • Site Pinging: Ping is commonly used to warn the spider / crawler / indexer and when a page is updated or if a new post is posted then Google can index it faster. In a word, Ping is used so that new postal backlinks can be indexed by Google soon. There are many free Pinging websites on the internet that you can use very easily if you want. Ping-O-Matic is a popular site for free pinging websites. You can use this site effortlessly. Google will soon be able to index your backlinks to new posts which are very important for your site.

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Thank you so much for reading the article discussing your valuable time. I hope that through this article you have learned, understood and learned a little bit. Still, if someone has difficulty understanding or informing us of any kind of problem then we can report it to us. We will try to solve your problem, InshaAllah

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