Due to the 10 reasons your favorite blog may be deleted

Blogger Platform For Fresh Bloggers is a really good blogging platform. Those who do not have any idea about web design, they can easily create a blog with Blogger. However, you will not be disappointed that Blogger has its own rules rules that you must adhere to. Otherwise Google Blogger Team may delete your favorite blog at any time.

Nobody will want to be able to delete his blog for long work. Google also wants to delete anyone's ears from Google. But when someone does something that breaks their Content Policy and Term Of Service, they are forced to delete the blog. Below we will see what the blogger blog can be deleted.

  1. Violating Privacy: Publish any personal and confidential personal information on the blog without the permission of the person. This is the complete contradiction of Google Content Policy and Term Of Service. For example: to publish any contact information, home address, email address, credit card number, driving license number, etc.
  2. Spam: Google dislikes this spam most. Many people want to bring their blog to the top of the search engine by using the Black Hat SEO approach through Spamming. As a result, Google Robots dropped their blog into Spam. Google can delete this type of blog at any time.
  3. Copyright Content: It is also a big reason to delete the blog. If you copy and paste any content from another blog without any permission on your blog, Google Robot will mark your blog as a fake blog. Moreover, if you have made a copy of the content from the blog, then if you make a complaint through the Blogger DMCA, then that post can delete your blog at any time and delete your blog.
  4. Traffic increase in invalid means: There are currently many illegal ways that the blog can be used to increase the traffic. For example, traffic increase, Link Exchange, Traffic Bot Software, etc. Using this illegal means means violating Google's rules.
  5. Adverse comments: Blogger is a platform where a person can express his opinion freely. But there is also a certain set of freedom of every genes. The exception is also for Blogger. For example, there can be no adverse comment on any subject of religion or atheism, sex, age etc.
  6. Violence: No rhetorical or violent thing can be expressed about any person or institution. Even the comments of your lessons can not be made of any rude or violent comment. Then Google will assume that you are not following their policy or accepting it.
  7. Malware & Viruses: If your blog is infected with viruses, then Google may delete your blog at any time. Because Google wants to always keep Viruses free. Your blog may be infected with viruses due to the use of third-party addon, script, software, etc. on a variety of blogs. You can check if your blog is infected with virus.
  8. Adult Content: While pictures and videos or pornographic adult content can be shared on the blog, you must make settings from your site settings as "adult" blog based on this. If you share any kind of sexual video and content, Google can delete your site at any time.
  9. Child safety: You will not write or share anything that is obstructing the development of the child. For example, if you write about sexual content, any child can be attracted to pornography. Therefore, no such content can be shared. This is also the complete work of Google policy.
  10. Illegal activities: Do not post anything that is punishable by a place or country's law. For example, drug addiction, smoking, etc., to add to the addiction of things, post something. Google will delete your blog at any time in such a post.
After reading the above topics, you may have the fear of deleting your blog. Yes, sadly, if you do not follow the above topics, you can lose your favorite blog in the long run. However, following the above topics, Google Content Policy and Term Of Service will never delete your blog. You can use it as long as you want.

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