Do you know what the future computer would be like? Know if you do not know now

I will discuss how the future computer will be. Many of us know the father of computer Charles Banks He made computer-making formulas. This computer changed as a generation. It was the first time that computers were used only for calculation of calculations.

But now we can work differently through this computer. For example, important files, documents can be saved. The computer that we are currently using will not be there. Because, our radical transistor is completely different from the base system. It can perform data operations using the Quantum mechanical sources. Theoretical model is called Quantum Tuning Machine. From the external side, maybe someone will not distinguish this computer.

But when this computing bit does not get any calculation bytes, then what will we be able to do? Actually, quantum computers also have bits which we can call quantum bit. For example, let's have an 8-bit computer with 256 compositions. At the same time, the 8-bit quantum computer has 256 cubit position.

The future computer will be created using how the nerve cells are formed and how the nerve cell communicates with each other. Computer network work for more than 50 years. It never works like real nerve cells. University of P-Mouth's computer scientist Thomas Wenckers is trying to create a computer by imitating the structure and function of the nerve cell. Wenckers said, censorship of the nervous system will be strengthened if the computer is created by imitating the system. He hoped this. Like Wenker, Steve Farber is trying to create computer hardware by imitating the structure of the neural cell. The scientist at Manchester said, "I want to create computers in the near future that behaves and understands people like humans. In future, such a computer needs will be heavily felt.

According to researchers at the University of Strandford, the transistor name biological transistors can control the flow of enzymes between DNA. And this type of feature can be developed by utilizing the new computer.

A study was carried out under the supervision of biological engineer Jeremy Bonnet of Stanford University. He said transcriptors will play a key role in creating genetic computers. Unfortunately, the transcriptors are not capable of doing any type of calculation. But collectively they are able to make any logical decision; Which can be one of the main principles of computer.

The other two basic principles of general computer are data gathering and exchange. Researchers chose a part of natural protein to make transcriptioners. Protein protein is the main function of the cell. They were able to control the flow of enzymes in the part of DNA-like RNA polymers using the protein proteins.

In the next five years, computer scientists will create such a computer, which will be a kind of feel like a human. It will be able to take decisions according to the situation itself. It is true to be wondrous that it has the ability to identify the senses of five senses like humans. Through this five senses, the computer will be able to easily visualize the sounds, sounds, smell, taste and touch. IBM researcher Barney Mearsson said IBM researchers from around the world are working together to create a well developed computer. But that day is not far away, when computers will be able to work like a human.

The life of the computer is multi-processor. This is the most difficult task of making computer chips. It does not work with any small device. And on this small thing, today's information technology, human civilization, is slowly being built. The dual core chip that quickly reached the four-core chip. One of the major features of the Multoco machine is that they are inherently capable of using energy rather than signal core machines. Thousands of chips are now felt and Ba'shi is not far away. But imagine it has some real intuition. Because, people did not think about Touchchin once. And he is trying to fill new dreams based on the imagination of our scientists.

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