Android phone is hacked to see if there are 15 symbols to be sure

The issue of Android phone hacks or any smart phone hacks has yet to take a serious look. However, once you wake up in the morning, you see your phone behaving strangely. You cannot open the phone lock, or some of your folders or apps are locked or not working or cannot be found. The phone is hanging out without any reason, it's getting very hot. The bank account, including your social media accounts, is not working. Suddenly a phone call came from a friend and she informed that all the strange messages from your social account are going to everyone, which is very embarrassing. Get another message with your bank account zero! Tell me how it will be? Is your device hacked then? Let the reader know how you understand that you are a victim of hacking.

Automatic restart, on / off, app open:

If you ever see your phone open on / off, restart, or open the app itself, do not think that your phone is infected. This is a clear sign that you are a victim of hacking.

Phone is hot without reason:

You're not doing anything by phone. You are not even doing anything in the call or text. The phone itself is heating up without any action, which means that you are infected with the hacker. With very heavy apps running from your background, the data is moving so the phone is heating up.

Unknown App Presence:

Occasionally after downloading and installing some new apps or after downloading them to different browsers, or if you see a new app appearing after updating all your apps that you did not install then be sure it is a hacker's job to come up with any of the above. Could To be more sure, you can search the website about unknown apps. See the comments of others and the number of its users. You will understand the rest.

App not working:

After downloading a new file or app, if you find that some of the phone's old apps are not working as before, then you will be infected with malware. In some cases, some old apps may get hung up if you launch them.

Power dissipation:

If your mobile's battery power suddenly runs out too fast, this may be one of the reasons for hacking. In some way if a spyware type app gets into your mobile and if it is very heavy quality then it will waste more power to send more information. These apps usually run in the background so you can see nothing in relative terms. Go to the power option to see what power an app you know is using.

Suddenly phone slow:

Is your phone slow working? It could be for two reasons. If the phone is too old or the RAM is low or you have too many apps installed and otherwise your phone is infected with malware. There are many malware infected apps that restrict your phone's normal usage speed. In fact malware can be called a heavier and more memory wasted program. Affected apps transfer data from your phone to another location, so the phone goes slow. Smart phones are smart but remember hackers can be smarter than that.

Unidentified numbers are on the dial list and are wasting money:

Hackers usually prefer to do their criminal work from another device. They can use your mobile balance to make expensive international calls or commit criminal activity. In some cases you may even be identified as the wrongful accused for this.

Unknown massage:

Just as there are signs of hacking, such as being on the dial list of strangers and making money, getting a stranger from a stranger number without a category is also a symptom of hacking. They may ask for something valuable to you, or if you do not give in, the inverted massage to blackmail you into confusion with your friend. If you ever find out that your number is going to be reversed massage to friends then you will understand that you are hacked.

Phone will not lock / off:

If a hacker can take control of your phone, you can't do anything against the hacker's will. You can't even lock / lock the phone. Instead, your phone will turn upside down, brightness will increase - decrease, any other apps will be launched and so on.

Echo when called:

Even if you are in the Strong Calling Zone, if you are talking to someone over the phone call, the same thing is heard repeatedly or noisy sound is available then you will understand that someone is tracking your call. Many times mobile companies do this to test the customer's calling system but for a very limited time. But some hackers and intelligence agencies do so by hiding the phone.

If a known website behaves differently:

Suppose you are running Facebook. But did you notice that Facebook is acting differently today? Being stuck in a browse or crashing repeatedly to browse. Then understand that some of your phone and browser are trying to control your copy. It is more likely to be malware.

Internet data is costing more:

After purchasing your data pack, you see that the data is expiring very quickly. Please go to the Data Usage option to see how much unusual data you have. Go to the Data Usage by Apps section to see how much data an app is cutting off this time. If you see any new app that you install is cutting off abnormal data, be sure to delete this malware, if you want security, delete it now.

The appearance of unwanted ads on mobiles:

If you are browsing the net suddenly noticed an ad across your full screen or you were offered a lottery win, click here. Getting such an ad means you are infected with spyware and your one click just means you get hacked. These hackers will usually destroy you by spreading malware.

Frequently received spam mail or mail sent:

If you see spam in your mail has increased or what you are sending is almost getting spam, then you will be infected by hackers. Because Google does not support sending or receiving mail from a stranger's server. And hackers use unidentified servers.

All of a sudden something gets deleted:

If an app, message, picture, video is deleted and you do not understand the reason, you may be caught by a hacker.

Lastly, if you ever see such problems appear on your mobile then delete the affected apps as soon as you can. Or use antimalware. If that doesn't work then delete everything on the mobile and restore. And yes, do not get into free WiFi, or website phishing. When charging USB in unknown place, you can turn on charging mode. Do not actually click on the incomplete link in the message. If you have more problems then tell the expert. And if you like this post please share with friends.

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