13 principles of Benjamin Franklin's life changed

What is the importance of your life, what is the importance of determining? How much value and values do you need, and how are you? In the era of globalization, we get such information in the perimeter that gives us more confusing conditions. This type of acceptance and acceptance of our news also changed. As we influence our thinking process, we confuse important and important issues. In this situation, you should avoid unwanted things that are really important in your life. In this case, we can be pleased with Benjamin Franklin.


I am lying in the trap of capitalism or we do not know it. The funeral procession around Think of how moderate it could be? Restraint is a characteristic quality. This is to achieve through practice. Some people but they are practicing this quality. So we should try to use as much as we need. It also allows you to be clear to the conscience.


There are many people who love to talk excessively. But, once you think about it, you are being infuriated by others. Fill your own lug not only by the number but also by the value. Before you talk about how much you know about the matter. Is that enough enough to know? Just say to refrain from producing others's anger. Stay silent Try to understand your surroundings.


Keep everything up. Keep everything up to date until you get the information from your use. Keep all the information you need in the daily routine. If Benjamin Franklin was alive today, he would surely be surprised to see our growing belongings.


Just do the problem that needs to be resolved. Then go towards others. Go ahead and set a goal. Spell a pyramid. List less important than the most important ones. Then put a cross mark in front of it after finishing it. Try to achieve a goal at once.

The excuses people often fail.
- Benjamin Franklin


Remove the nature of kirp Do not underestimate the cost. Convert economics into your habits. At this time everyone wants to live luxurious life. You see the contrast of the currents. You will feel strong and confident. You'll have fun at this. It's like a game. But do not be economical again to help others. Through this, you will also be able to earn the ability to win hard times. You will get many articles about how to reduce the cost. You can choose from this with your life.

Hard work

Use the time. Try not to waste time without needing to use it. Try to do productive work rather than being busy. Success can be found here. Always try to stay away from unnecessary issues.


Think straightforward and rationally. And say correctly when you say. Just as thoughts and deeds will keep you happy if you are honest and honest, everyone around you will also be affected. Sometimes we refrain from telling the truth. Because I do not want to hurt others. But that trouble can save the person from any big trouble. And there is no point in hurting yourself as untrue. Rather, it will turn the subject to more complexity.


It is not right to be biased on anyone. If such behavior is done to others, then it will be with yourself. Because, people will enjoy the consequences of his work, wherever he is. No one should be angry with anyone.


Nothing good at all. Should have avoided thinking too much. Overcrowding is not pleasant at all. If you have a balanced life with patience and endurance, it will be easy to find the challenge.

Some people die in 25 years but they are not cured for 75 years.
- Benjamin Franklin


If the inside is clean then it will be reflected outside. Do not let the body, clothing, habit, or mind stay unobtrusive anywhere. Because, you can be attacked by microbial attacks.


It is not good to be excited about trivial matters. Accept those things that are small, always happen or can not be avoided. Try the best. You will be free from this. There will be no reason to feel unhappy. There is nothing to be unhappy if failing at the highest attempts. Because, the best things are waiting for you.


Ensure the purity of your mind. Because, purity will only bring more purity. There are many people who are addicted to physical. For this, maybe resort to bad ways. The correctness is diminished. Many people are addicted to porn, which makes them unproductive.


Follow the biography of the great people. But do not imitate. Follow the way they have spent their lives in a simple way. It will be easy to survive without trouble. But there will be some change because of their social system and our society is not the same.

Benjamin Franklin said, to work on any one of the methods at once. So it will be easy to pay attention. And achieving success will be easy. First identify your character traits. Next, observe these thirteen policies. Work continuously with those that are not in your character until they become your habit.

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