What is Image Processing and Data Mining ?

Many of you have some idea about image processing and data mining. In fact, image processing is a compilation of a number of photos. With which it is possible to monitor invisible objects and to revive the old image. Let us know more about image processing and data mining:

What is Image?

We all know what the image is about. In general, images mean images and images, meaning the image. But the issue that we are moving here is image processing, in this case the meaning of the image will be somewhat different.The image is two dimensional arrays. And the digital image is a binary information group, where the information is arranged in row and column form. There is three information in a color image. For example - red, blue, green, green There are many color level information on different points of the image. The level of an 8-bit image can be 0 to 255.

Why the image needs to be processed?

Before processing any image, let's know what is the image processing? Image processing is the digital video frame. That is, the sum of the videos created by a frame or some of the pictures is called image processing. As an image input in image processing, another picture comes as an output. The processing is done in the middle of the input and output. Let's clear the issue by example, suppose you went to Cox's Bazar. You like the ocean surge waves you like it. You told one of your closest friends, that is, how was the sound of the waves. On the other hand, the image processing that your friend made about the place / wave that you heard about it is image processing.

Now let's see why the image needs to be processed. Processing is necessary to monitor the non-visible objects and to re-capture almost lost images.

Image processing is again two types:

  1. Analog Image Processing 
  2. Digital Image Processing
  • Analog Image Processing - Analog Image Processing is called Visual Technique. Different types of computer such as hard copy such as printouts, photographs are used in this technique.
  •  Digital Image Processing - Digital image processing refers to the technique of efficiently processing an image through a computer. As an example of digital image processing, the moon, sun, star etc. Which we did not understand well when we did not process the computer.

What is Data mining ?

Data mining is a way to solve problems through data analysis. On the other hand, the process of sorting large data sets to establish relationships. The main aim of the data mining is to find out the data from the data store and to classify the data in order to make it suitable for the required / related work. Finding important information about different users or users, finding out how to reach the destination is basically the data mining

How Data Mining is an Addition Process?

Data mining in computer technology is a new addition method. Data Mining is a compute or counting system consisting of artificial intelligence, statistics and database management systems. It is possible to discover numerous data through this process. Besides, data mining is needed to find valuable data hidden in more than one data.

How does data mining work?

Basically the data mining works in the calculation method. Apart from the use of statistics and artificial intelligence, the discovery of new pattern from a large amount of data / data is done through data mining. The Database (DBMS) management system specially helps to do this. This method works very quickly and accurately.

I think, that the article has given you a beautiful idea about image processing and data mining. If you have difficulty reading or understanding any part of the article, please make a comment.

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