Suddenly, if the internet stopped working, what could happen?

Nothing can be imagined without internet in this age of present information. The Internet has a great role to play together in the whole world. The Internet has a great role to play in the business of business, banking, education, and even home markets. No one is awake in the morning and no one is waiting for the news paper. For anyone to know the time, no one is wall clock or hand watches. Why is the internet at its fingertips? But just imagine, what would happen if the internet stopped working suddenly? What do you think it feels like? So let's see what happens if the internet connection is closed.

All of the people in the whole world are connected to the Internet. Everyone is going on using regular internet. So suppose we woke up in the morning to see the mobile hands and see who has posted something new on Facebook. But no new e-mail came from your office. But due to the disconnection of the internet connection which will be stuck. Besides, all social networks such as Twitter, Vibo, Emo, WhatsApp etc. will be shutting down so that they will not be able to easily communicate with each other.

In this age of Internet, all the banks have started e-banking. Because of internet shut down, various banks can not deal with them. There was a loss of money. Customers' masses will be very much in pain.

If we go from one end of the world to the other end of the world, then we have a simple flight service. Now if the internet closes, the flight booking management will be interrupted. There will be various problems to operate the flights. Passengers can not purchase e-tickets through their debit or credit card. This will increase the casualties of the passengers. From day-to-day job, class, or business, I thought, starting the Smut TV, and watching online some new movies through net fix. But this is not possible without internet.

There is a huge demand for e-commerce business right now. For example,,, etc. Now everyone likes to buy products online. But if there is no internet, those business organizations will be closed and many big losses will take place.

Entrepreneurs of Bangladeshi garment factories take Internet help to spread their business across the globe. And without the Internet, it will stop the spread and they will face massive losses.

In this age of information technology no one uses paper-ready maps anymore. You are going to a very feverish job but you do not know the precise location of your place, you want to see the GPS started but it will not be possible without internet.

Raid sharing service has also been introduced in Bangladesh. Which provides services to customers through apps and the Internet. For example, Uber, Pathao etc. Those services are not available without internet.

Bangladesh unemployment is increasing day by day And at the same time, the unemployed youth has the opportunity to earn a living in the home with the help of organizations like Freelancer and outsourcing organizations. But these things are not possible without internet. And now if the internet is closed then the foreign clients will not get their jobs at the right time and both will face losses.

Internet service providers will also face losses. Because if they do not have internet, their business will be closed.

About 55% of the world's people are connected to the Internet. Now everything is dependent on the internet. This is not the time to worry about internet shutdown. Closing the Internet means that the Earth is almost stagnant. Actually the internet is not something that has a big switch that will stop the internet connection of the whole world

The internet plays an important role in our present time. To keep the whole world together, which is very feisty. Do hard to do without internet. Internet shadow is not currently possible.

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