What is SEO? Why is it important for web site?

SEO terminology is found in S = Search, E = Engine, O = Optimization (Search Engine Optimization).  People use different methods to find all their information in the context of need. Such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. A number of results that are available together can be found in the words or sentences that are typed. Most people in the present world use Google to find any information. The reason for this can be seen in Google's popularity and its advantages. Many web sites come in front of a search by word or sentence. Now the question is, a site will come in front of everyone? Not the answer. What to do if you want to see the site? Let's answer later.

Suppose you can work with Web Design, Graphics Design, 3D Design, Data Entry or Computer Relay. That's just your friend or friend who will mix with you only know that this is exactly right. Others do not know the question. So let's tell everyone what you can do. What do you have to do? The answer is that you have to promote. There may be different ways for you to campaign like leaflets, tuners, banners, etc. But if they are not on the internet then how do you promote?Hopefully how easy it is to put your site on top.This will be called ads search engine optimization or SEO.

What to know when to learn SEO?

  • Ideas about different types of search engines
  • The idea about HTML
  • There is a clear idea on the Internet

What is the search engine?

If we find information about any of our requirements we can search the internet. Then there are all the information about the world around the world, all of us have come forward. Some popular search engines are Google, Yahoo, Yahoo, Bing, Amozan, ebay, twitter etc.

How search engines work :

Search engines have been created, to find people's information. That's why some search engines are able to find some of the best information available to search engines. Which brings some of the top sites to the front of the site by comparing some of the sites. To select the best site they can see if the website is quality, whether the website information is appropriate for everyone, how the website is popular. Consider the results by considering these and other things.

Why do SEO:

Everyone has a goal behind creating a web site. Someone builds a site for their business, or some other for buying or selling a product. I hope so SEO.

Why the search engine marketing field is so important:

The website is created for the promotion of the company's products. The more people visit your website, the more people get ideas about your product or service. The search engine is the main source of visitor to a web site. 80% of the visitors come to the web site via search engine. So the search engine is extremely important.
  1. Most visitors to any website come from search engines. Almost billion billion searches per month. A survey in the United States found that at least 10 billion searches per month. (Source: com score.2008)
  2. Many do not know where they can find any information needed. That's why they write things in search engines. Then the list of the necessary sites is available to them.
  3. Any information available for free can be found, so everyone uses it.
  4. All the information is a huge collection of search engines. That is why every day dependent on it is increasing day by day.
  5. Since all of them help people to find information, so all companies want to leave their usual method of promoting their products and keep search engine search for their company's website first.
  6. All traditional methods of marketing are costly and less workable in the current era. On the other hand SEO costs less, but at least 60 percent more work than expected.

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