What is Root ? And Why we need root for android ?

Here we will discuss "What is Android Root ? The advantages and disadvantages of the route?" And what are the advantages and disadvantages of the rooting Android phone. Why do you use the routing phone and why or not. There will be discussions related to this here.

What is Android Rooting?
Android root is a process by which the customer will be able to fully control his phone.
You can use the device as you wish.

Routing means a special one for the customer. It controls all the programs on the phone. It controls the phone's total windshield.

What to do after the root ?
You can install your favorite mode, kernel, custom ROM. If you want you can install the latest version of Android Lollipop update (like Android 6.0.1 ms).

Root Benefits:
You can overlay the CPA and GP AU for better performance of your phone. Routing facilities allow you to update your favorite phone using any type of app.

You can also overlap the CPU for your phone's battery life. For this you will be able to re-install your phone's backup, restorative or beach applications separately.

In total, you can use the device you want to install and install.

Variety of rooting from jailbreak:
Many people are cheated by routing and jail breaking. But really, jailbreaking and rooting are two different things. Concept of two is of two types.Jailbreak is actually applicable to Apple. In this model, jailbroken can modify the operating system (infrared by "locked bootloader").This allows the customer to use non-approved apps. These features include some models of Android. For example, this type of Sony, As us and Google models of this type of Android have this feature.Another special feature of this model is that Android models can unlock their devices and even transfer them.

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