Google Admob Apps Marketing for A to Z Guidelines Part - 02 (Last Part)

The wait is over. Now we will learn the techniques of marketing many appraisal apps. The first thing to believe in app marketing is to 'spread out in the promotion' - your app is not good at all but if you can do better marketing at least one hundred users, then it is 3-4 days. If you follow the procedure shown in this video step by step, the future of the app will be quite bright. Here are the many procedures I will say, after prolonging of each of them, then your suggestions are being given. Because, I told the video about app marketing a month ago. Let's now know the marketing tips.

  1. Note the key figures in your app. Then show the reason why people will use your apps. Do not give any tangle. A few days ago I created a browser app. There bookmarked the site of the needy. Then we mentioned which sites we needed for. When you mention the time of marketing of your apps, which part is useful for it, it will create a passion for the audience. They will be interested to see apps at least. There is nothing like a browser app. But I made the apps I made just by marking which part it is necessary for. Do not use it for everyone. It was possible that everyone was interested in it, so that only about 72 downloads are downloaded from one evening to the evening. And after about four weeks its number is 700+. I was also amazed at what I saw. Promote any thing honestly. Even if your stuff is normal, your user's trust will not be lost.
  2. If you do not have a blog, then just post a blog. Then since your apps are not published on any popular site, write an article on what your apps are up to before and who can take advantage of it. Then upload the updates to the mediafire or any other file hosting site and link them. Then share your blog post with Facebook and friends. No need to force anyone. Explain why he will see the apps.
  3. Take screenshots of your apps. And make a video of 30-59 seconds with some work videos. Then tell them why everyone will use it. While speaking, follow the artistry of a few words. For example, we say "Glass is half empty", it sounds quite intriguing. Instead, say "Glass filling half". People will like you just for the words of admission. But the lau Only your presentations will change the fate of the app. Once the video is done, upload the video from Instagram to all the places. Share more. Remember, you can not share more than 10 links in one day with a Facebook ID. If you try more then the ID will be at risk and it will be banned due to spamming.
  4. If you have the capability, then publish it to Google Play Store. I do not want to say anything more about this. Because, if you publish on Play Storeo, then what will you do to watch this video? I know that too.
  5. But in order to publish a play store, you have to overcome a few steps. For example, write the name of the app. Then, the app's work is more than 100 characters. Introducing the App Developer. Let's say that apps will support any device. After that, taking about 4-5 screenshots of interesting apps. Then publish with money. You do not have to pay here. You write a nice post. Keep these things in there. Then publish the link to the blog and give the link to all. This will work in smell. I personally follow this rule. I say the secret.
  6. If you do not want to do so, there are several popular plasterers who will allow you to publish your apps for free. Do not charge for one hour. One of the main features of this is Apatoome, Appzum, Gatezer, OneMobile and the famous Amazon. You will publish videos on how to publish them in the next video. There are many unmarked Play Store. But I talked about sites other than those that are popular for publishing the app in the freebies.
  7. Wherever you do not promote the app, the most important is an interesting app icon. I need the app as well as the thumbnail for the video.
  8. Listened to the name of SEO, but what is the name of the ASO? This is the app store optimization. If you can do ASO properly, you can get hundreds of downloads only through a post on Facebook. Just as I did. For this, you have to use an attractive name, icon, description, some apps to watch screenshots. The length of the video has already grown because it is one month's research results. But I will try to do it for a different video.
  9. Convert your app's link with the QR code. Then print the whole ten and print the photocopy shop, the canteen of the college university, print the common room and tell about the app above. See, how to download. Only big companies in Bangladesh will be able to put their products in the stores while distributing their products in the stores. Because, the visitor came to mean that he became a customer.
Hopefully, if you follow any one of them then you will need 3 more days to get 100 downloads. You share this video with everyone, many will need it. How do app marketing? To answer this question, I did this by hosting different sites in a month.

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