Android's 10 convenient strategies

The most important aspect of using Android is to work in short and short time. And many people use some of the techniques to use Android for the use of Android. And discuss with you today about 10 advanced strategies for using Android.

  1. The biggest advantage of Android phones is that it can be sorted by itself. Apart from this, a lot of applications can be used to enjoy great benefits. You can also organize the mobile apps using the Launcher.
  2. Google's full service is available only on Android. Get Gmail, Calendar, Photos and other great apps. There are more Google voice assistants. Apart from this, the latest version is given the launcher named Google Now at Marshmallow. You will also find Google search options with Marshmallow. From there when it is possible to search.
  3. It's easy to know what you're sharing with apps. Go to the Settings menu and go to the App Manager and get a list of 'Permissions' for specific apps. You will get some control over permissions in the new Android version.
  4. Another interesting thing is that you can control certain functions of different apps automatically. The browser that looks like or that the PDF reader will like it. The phone will ask you to set up the default app. After making it, you will be able to 'clear defaults' from settings later.
  5. Monitor mobile data usage. You will find the option named Data Usage in the settings menu. Android has built-in data tracker.
  6. You can disable unnecessary apps. There are many apps that are not used. Some of them can not be deleted again. But they can be disabled.
  7. Battery power is a big problem in modern smart phones. However, the battery power saving mode is available on the Android phone.
  8. You can become a developer for any matter to get better and faster. You can become a developer from 'About This Phone' option in settings. There you will find the build number. There, I'm Completely Serious About this section, seven times in the part of the developer will go to the forest.
  9. You can go to settings very fast Get quick settings from the Notification menu. In the Android version, the Quick Settings menu will get anacaya.
  10. You can do multiple tasks at once. Two applications together will run on it. Recently apps that work with have a home button. Hold it there with pressure. Apps will come in isolated screen size. From there you can pick them up.

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