10 tips to speed up the smartphone !!!

Nowadays, not only communicating with smartphones, but also in pictures, songs or movies, using the Internet or playing games everywhere. So, if the phone is slow to work, it is not good to see. 

Let's know 11 smart tips to keep the smartphone faster.

1. Deleting unused apps:
It is best not to use the app that is not used on the phone. Required apps do not just occupy internal memory, but they do reduce the efficiency of the phone.

2. Keeping the cache memory clean:
Always delete cache memory. As soon as the phone is fast, the app will also be more efficient to run smoothly

3. To stop background apps:
Keep the running apps off in the background. The background apps make the phone slow by reducing the battery and performance.

4. Keep phone up to date:
Keep the phone up to date. Generally, the updated version of Android adds a lot of new features and removes old errors.

5. Blank Home Screen:
Keep the home screen blank. The lower the homescreen, the less pressure on the phone will be.

6. No Animation:
Keep the animation low or close. Animated wallpapers or widgets can cause distraction to the phone even if you use the phone.

7. Safe App Installation:
Before you install an app, check that it is safe.

8. Use of Light Apps:
If possible, use the lighter version apps.

9. SD card format:
Installing apps in internal memory and external memory will sometimes help to increase the performance of the phone.

10. Use Cleaner App:
Use different cleaner apps to turn the speed of the fun. Nowadays many smartphones cleaner apps are installed by default.

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