What could happen if the world suddenly stopped !!??

The world has curiosity with us. In this era of science, the curiosity is increasing day by day. I think new questions are surrounded by this world. One of the questions we ask is, "What will happen if the earth's rotation ceases?" The answer to this question is that if the Earth's rotation ceases, then everything in this world will be spilled into space. Others say that if the earth's rotation ceases suddenly everything in the earth will be destroyed. Besides, different people talk differently. So let's not know what will happen if suddenly the earth's rotation stops.

We know that the Earth is moving at a speed of 1,675 kilometers per hour. This rotation speed is the highest in the equator. Now that you are thinking of thinking that if we jump above a ground, then the earth's rotation velocity does not allow us to leave our world to 1,207 feet. The reason is that the world is not rotating itself, everything is going on with the earth. That is, all the things in the earth are moving at a speed of 1,275km. When you jumped into the air, you were walking around with the earth.

People will be scattered from the earth in such a way as to shoot from guns. Humans will be left uninterrupted in just a few seconds. The reason is that if people suddenly start flying at the speed of 1,200 feet per second from the earth, then the meat from the bones of each human beings will separate. The reason is that the human body does not have the ability to withstand the friction that is in the body with the wind. When the earth suddenly stops, everything on the earth in the first place will start flying together at the west, Large buildings, moons and mountains, mountains and mountains will start flying upwards towards the west. And its speed will be about 1,000 kilometers per hour. Nothing can stand straight up. Because all the objects will keep trying to stay dynamic with the world dynamic. Despite the Earth's threshold, the wind movement will continue to move its original speed. Which is 1,770 kilometers per hour. So whether it be a mountain or a three storey house, the wind blows everything up.

What is the trouble to understand? Let's give an example, hopefully you'll understand better. Suppose you are sitting on a moving bus. If you jump a foot while the bus is running, does the bus leave something for you? Not at all. This is because you are also moving along the bus. So if you jump one foot on the moving bus, the bus will not leave you a little. Our world is like this in a lot of things. Now, what would happen if the bus suddenly broke the brake? All the people on the bus will be jumped in front of the bus after breaking the bus. But why does this happen? This is because people living on the bus are moving along the bus. When suddenly the break stopped, our feet are stuck because of our legs, but our body is still dynamic and we try to keep that speed and because of this, we go to the front. Think of what happens if the bus gets hit by the bus suddenly, without breaking the bus. All passengers in the bus will be expelled from the bus, there will be many losses, and many will probably not be left alive. If there is only one bus if there is sudden loss of loss or damage. So what can happen if the Earth's rotation at a speed of 1,675 kilometers per hour is stopped.

Within a few seconds of the Earth's threshold, the cloud of horror will begin to accumulate. Which will start with the storm and the intense proliferation. And that power of electricity is so much that it will burn all the planes flying in the sky for a few seconds.

When the earth suddenly stops, an earthquake of Marrakesh will be created, causing a large, large-scale tsunami in the sea. Firstly, the tsunami will wash all the ground parts of the earth. Then the water slowly move towards the pole area. Because the world is not a complete goal, mint flattened. But whoever is holding the surface of the surface of the water, he will do it.

As the earth moves around the sun, if the motion of the earth is stopped suddenly, then the earth will be standing on one side and the other side will be permanent. Due to the stopping at the same place, there are tremendous metallic cores in the center of the Earth, which have created a whole magnetic field around the Earth. The weight layer will not be there due to the magnetic field stopping. And if the level of weight is not there, the sun's harmful radiation will get so much of the world that it will burn down in a few seconds if a person sticks to it. And due to some other months, it will be frozen in cold due to insanity.

If that is the case then no animal can be found in the world. But there is no reason to fear. Because there is no possibility of the Earth's rotation to stop. Because the world is completely resting in space in space. There is no material in the universe that will stop the rotation of the Earth suddenly. Without any accident, there is no possibility of it happening.

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