What can happen if there is no oxygen in the world just 5 seconds?

Our beautiful world is made up of a variety of components, among which oxygen is one of the most important. Oxygen is the number two that is made up of the world's components. Percentage (30.1%) is made of oxygen. Oxygen is a chemical element in the chemistry and its symbol Oxygen. And oxygen means life to all the creatures of this world. Without oxygen the existence of the organism can not be imagined in the world. This beautiful world without oxygen will become desertless desert. There will be no existence of life here. Oxygen is used in many different areas, including inhalation of all living organisms, chemical compounds, etc.

But oxygen is very easy for us because we do not have to spend any money for it. Very easily we get it free from nature. As a result, we can not evaluate its real contribution and importance. Ever wondered, what would happen if this oxygen was completely extinct from the earth for 5 seconds. Let's know today what will happen if there is no oxygen in the world for 5 seconds?

The oxygen particles present in the air protect our skin from burning of sunlight by absorbing ultraviolet radiation in the air. So if the oxygen is not there, then the skin of sunlight under the open sky in the ocean will be burnt in the sun during the sun. But I'm not going to get you on track. All of us who are in the sun's light will burn the parts of the skin.

During the daytime, lighted sky will be covered in dark dark. Because the particles that show the sky blue due to the small particles of light scattering in the atmosphere will decrease.

Unlike all the existing small and large, all raw materials will be connected to each other. Because the only thing that can prevent these substances from being actively connected with each other, and that is oxygen. Since oxygen is not there, these substances will be automatically connected to each other.

The components of the Earth's crust are 45 percent of the oxygen. As a result, the earth will begin to break into pieces. Our last resources will not have any bottom soil. What is so violent!

Just earth, we know one third of the water oxygen So the water of the ocean also contains oxygen, which will cause all the water of the sea to evaporate into hydrogen gas and everything will dissolve in space. In the absence of oxygen, the wind pressure in the earth will decrease by 21 percent, which will cause the intra-part of the ear to be intensified.

Again, due to the absence of this oxygen, the concrete building, the sculpture will be crushed and dusted into dust. Because there is not enough oxygen in the air to connect concrete particles. Everything will be destroyed in a few seconds. The incident would be such that a nuclear bomb exploded and dusted everything. Since the environment will not become oxygen-free, hydrogen can fly into the atmosphere in the troposphere, then it will be lost in space.

Apart from these, there may be many other incidents which we can not even imagine. After knowing that these things will happen, you may want to get ready to move on to the camera. If you really have such thoughts, then sorry for you. Because of the sadness cameras and you will not be any one. Because humans may not be able to stop their breathing without any oxygen for 5 seconds but there are oxygen in the biological organisms in the human body, so as soon as the oxygen is extinct, the living cells of the body will become hydrogen gas fluttering in vacuum. Because we do not have oxygen and hydrogen, we lose 75 percent of our body structural material. And the rest of the camera, because it is metallic, it will melt. So no one will live to see the condition of the earth.

After knowing the consequences of these physiological effects, you may understand the importance of oxygen. The main source of oxygen is the surrounding green plantation plant. But sadly, no one can protect the world from being hit by such a horrific situation at the rate of day-to-day harvesting. So, everyone has to take initiative now to keep this beautiful world beautiful.

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