Video developers have increased 6x the revenue on YouTube

Google's Chief Executive Sundar Pichai said that the income of video makers on YouTube has increased 6x. He said, now the channels established on YouTube are being given importance. Last year, one million subscribers got double the subscription. Video producers' earnings increased 5x to 6x.
He said these things during the discussion on Google's marginal earnings with analysts on Monday. News Gadgets Now

Video breaks faster if the policy breaks

Google's Chief Executive Pichai said that YouTube is facing various problems in controlling fake data, which will violate YouTube's policy, the importance of removing this year will be seriously highlighted.

Google's big profit with Youtube

In the last three months of 2018, Google's subsidiary company Alphabets total revenue was $ 39.3 billion. In this, Google's digital advertising business comes from 32.6 billion US dollars. 32 percent more than the same period last year.

About 200 million viewers in the month, the company's platform will bring great profits to Google in the future, officials of the company think.

Google's Chief Executive said, YouTube's video has played an important role in revenue growth. But he did not want to tell details of Youtube income.

Premium service to watch ads free

Today Google has launched music and premium services in 30 countries. Currently there is only YouTube TV in the United States. Pichai also said that there is now the opportunity to watch video-free video spending on YouTube premium services. YouTube Music and YouTube premiums will be emphasized for subscription services.

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