Which is the best for cloud storage? google drive vs onedrive vs dropbox vs icloud

The topic we are going to discuss today is very important. So hopefully read it carefully.

Over the past few years, the cloud service has reached the hands of all. What is the cloud service? It's nothing like that. Only some virtual storage where you can save some required files and then delete it if needed. You can recover files if necessary. And it has now become so flexible that even a few years ago it was impossible.

The point to note is that most people do not have to verify that cloud storage is good. But if you knew a little better then it would have been better for him. Most people guess in any one cloud storage account. So, I will present some information about 4 popular cloud storage for your convenience so that you can benefit yourself. These are ..

  • Google Drive,
  • Microsoft OneDrive,
  • Dropbox and,
  • Apple iCloud Drive

Let's start and do not talk more ...

1.Google Drive:

We're going to start today's article with Google's own cloud storage Google Drive. Because a person wants Google Drive because it's directly connected to Google's ecosystem. Especially if you are an Android user or a Chrome OS, then your first choice as a cloud storage should be on Google Drive.

Advantages of using Google Drive:

It has shown a very good performance from other cloud storage when it comes to the browser. You can use many techniques to use a lot of features on Google Drive. If you want to upload a bunch of files together, simply enter the one drive on the browser and drag and drop your files in general. See all the files will start uploading together.

If you ever want to download a file from there for any need. Then right-click on the file right click on the file and you will get the download option. Not just the browser. If you want to use it as a desktop app then you can do it too. There are some more easy options available.

Storage Space:

When you sign in to Google Drive you will get 15 GB free storage. Storage. Here you can easily upload However, copyright content may not be able to be uploaded
If you need more space then you can also buy it for a few dollars every month.

Google Drive Ecosystem:

Since its ecosystem is connected to Google's ecosystem, other Google services like Google Photos, Docs, Sheets, Slides and Play Music can be used without any problems. You can also keep Google Drive on your favorite list for its Google Suite service.

2. Microsoft One Drive:

I'm offering One Drive as the next storage for this tune. Because it has many features like Google. Moreover its ecosystem is also close to Google. So if you are a Microsoft user, then I will suggest you one drive.

The advantage of using one drive:

If you are a Windows 10 user, one drive setup is very easy. Because this cloud storage is pre-installed with Microsoft's latest operating system. You can already use one drive if you are a Windows 10 user.
And if you're not a Windows 10 user, you can become a user if you open an account in Microsoft.
By using it, it's just like Google Drive. It lets you access the Microsoft Office Suite. It also has a syncing feature.
Although One Drive is not so super like Google's browser browser experience. But still very well. Besides, there are a number of new features that attract users. For example, Files On Demand feature etc. User Experience is very good

Storage Space:

Earlier, signing up to one drive would give 15 GB of free space, but now only 5 GB. But you can increase it if you want.
But also through referrals again. 0.5 GB per referre That means you need 20 referral for the remaining 10 GB. It also has its annual package.


Ecosystem is very good. That's a lot like Google. I do not think I need to say so much.

3. DropBox:

Dropbox is the oldest and one of the main cloud storage. Google Drive, I Cloud, One Drive It is the ecosystem that makes it less attractive to users. But it is also very flexible. There are numerous features.

Dropbox Advantages:

Dropbox is very old So it has lots of features. Through this, you can directly upload and sync data through a website or client. It also has File Recovery and Vision History System. Which will help you track your files very easily. Its fusion management is also very simple.
But there is a lack of office suite suitable for drop boxes.

Storage Space:

But sadly, it is true that if you have an account in Dropbox, you will get only 2 GB free space. But yes, you can increase the 16 GB free. But for this, you need more 32 referrals. But its premiums are in the package


Although it is a standstill storage But there is some lack of ecosystem integration. However Dropbox has many great platforms. Its platform from Windows to Linux. Although it does not provide complete services. But there are so many options that will attract you ...

4. Apple iCloud Drive:

At this stage I will introduce you to I Clouded Drive. A few years ago, it was a very weak service. But Apple has been trying to improve it constantly. And now this cloud is very user friendly. Despite the latest results, there are currently very good services in spite of having few leaks.

Apple Cloud Benefits:

If you are using iOS or Mac OS, then you must be familiar with it. Eye cloud on Apple phones is very easy. The feature can also be easily activated. Once on your own, the files will be automatically socked on the cloud. If you are not an Apple user then make an account at icloud. Enjoy their services.

Storage Space:

You can not be happy even if you talk about this space. The reason is very low. Because of the other services provided by referral, you can store up to 15 GB of free storage. But Apple is 5GB free. It's fixed. But yes you can buy the premium package. You can find packages like the image below.


It all knows that Apple always wants all the people to use all their services. So they will get all their services in their ecosystem. If you are an ios or mac os user you will get good experience. You will also get a good ecosystem if you are a Windows user. But if you are an Android user then you will not get all the options.

However, you waste precious time by talking a lot. If mistaken, forgive please. Below are all the storage storage packages available for the purpose of which you have the advantage of using it.

Free Storage Service:

Paid Service:


Now your wish Which one to use.

So like today, goodbye. Be good, stay healthy, love technology and stay with technology.

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