Time Machine: The possibility and Modern Physics

There is a word of selfishness in Bengal, one of my closest people, however, used to say 'selfish'. Of course, when he said this with a sweet smile on his face, it seemed as if he had said what he said. Hopefully!

HG Wells wrote a story book in 1895, The Time Machine. Then it was taken as a fiction, and many were hapatious, 'if it were', where we were busy eating British doves. A few days later, a clerk named Einstein named him a father of Physics in the era by making some changes to Physics. But he was showing it impossible for us to walk at the speed of light. The study did not stop. The main thing in the field of time machine research is the incident and its reaction. If we go to the unified theorem of nature, then this time travel concept is hit, as the continuity of energy. Of course, here is another thing that kills, many old words: "Nature does not like vacuum".

Time Machine made straight?

These decent words do not work for anything. For example, we may be familiar with the timing of the time. Two twin brothers Ram and Sam. He got a job in Nasa, and in a few days he was picked up by a bombardment spotship and sent to nearby stars. His spaceship began to move at an unimaginable pace, due to the lack of gravity ball, he turned the star back to the world, where Rama was performing his duties towards the family later on. For Sam's, let's take a total of 1 year but it has already been 10 years in the world. In that case, Ram Bhaijan has become his 9-year-old brother. In fact, after 1 year, the world came to see the world after 9 years, and in that sense, he has traveled in a small time.

Some real examples: Out of our feeling - JET LEG:

However, in reality we are accepting such conditions. If we walk at the speed of the aircream, then we can not take it so well that the amount of time dialing is like a few nuns. But if it is more accurately measured by the atomic clock, then it can be seen that the time has been dragged a bit by speed or the length of the time has been a bit longer!If it is understood from the accident, in the near future, we have traveled a long time, which is beyond our feeling.Thousands of such tests will be known in the Internet Gate.If we want to make this fluttering or curvature of the period more intense, we think at the subatomic level which can be rotated in very near speed. One of the particles is Muon. Particularly diverse particle is the reason it works like a built in clock, because its decay is the only half-life (1.52 microseconds and  muon = electron + electron antineutrino + muon neutrino after its decay). When this muon is rapidly moving inside the collider, then Einstein's theory decreases its decay rate. In some cosmic rays, this inconsistency of time is seen. Because the particles of this ray are near the speed of light, they passed a galaxy in a few minutes from their point of view, even though it seemed that they had crossed over 10,000 for more than 10,000 (according to the sources of Einstein and Lorenz's contract). If there were no time dialing then these particles could never have touched the world.

Some facts about Einstein:

Again, Einstein's relativity could say a little further: According to this law, Einstein's cleric said that Granny has slowed the time. That is, the clock climbs a little closer to the 10th floor from the ground floor (?) Which is a little closer to the center of the Earth, closer to the gravitational energy. But I can never feel it, I can not get an Atomic or Seismic clock (sadly I have never seen these watches, because of the current mobile I do not watch the clock). But one thing we can understand is that people use GPS. If it did not happen or did not happen, cruise missiles could reach a few miles away from the given place.Let's take a more complicated example: Let's count on the neutron star density, everyone has ideas, and even if it's about gravity (details can be explained in any other post or if there is any curiosity). As it can be seen, 30% of the time is there from the time of the slow earth. If one of them shoots the world with a telescope then it will be seen that everyone is running like the fast forward of the video cassette. Black hole is such a thing that if someone can read a singularari, then they can get clere ideas for an ideal time dialing.

Other people's mind: Is it possible to go past!

In 1948, Curt Goodele discovered Einstein's gravitational equation that it is actually reproducing a ghostly universe (though it was not possible to find out how it was interpreted, but it was a great find if it was perfect). According to this theory, an astronaut can move back in the past. This is because the gravity will affect the speed of light. However, this solution was very adulterous, firstly, according to this theory, Big Bang and Singularity were killed.

Another scene is available in 1974, Frank Typler of Culane University revealed that the infinite long cylinder of a dose size is moving in its own axis and in that case an astronaut can return to its past because it is the same phenomenon: Got it in the closed loop. Again, in 1991, Richard Gott called a prediction that cosmic strings can produce the same results (cosmologists suspect that it was formed in the early stages of the Big Bang). But Warmhole's concept in the middle of the eighties brought new dimensions.

Wormhole is a hypo with its other name, Stargate, and it is a shortcut road between two points located in the longest distance. If someone gives a jump with the wormhole, he may find himself on the other side of the universe. Wormhole adjusts to the general theory of relativity, where the grubby can not only break the timing but also londvand. This theory gives an alternative road and tunnel ideas that basically serve as a combination of those points. May be a wormhole, be less than the original road!

Now let's take a walk through the wormhole (Here's a main thing if I go around, maybe I'll be tall enough to pull that my 5.8 ft body will be 30 ft and I can not understand what happens to my life because at that time I will not have any growth or feeling), of course, the thoracic eXtocic matter will exist. According to Quantum McNeeks, the Acoustic Matter is massively negative, and instead of being attracted to gravy, it is disfigured. And it is useful for a wormhole's stability because it will work through an anti-gravity force and prevent the explosion, which will then turn it into a black hole. This acoustic meter can not be explained by the physics we know (that's why it is hypo!), But this negative organism state exists in some of the quantum systems, but it is still unclear how much anti gravity particles need to stabilize a wormhole!

But Thorne and his colleagues later realized that if a stable wormhole can be made, then it can work as a time machine

Stabilized Wormhole: On the verge of the time machine:

If we want to get a wormhole, then a face of it will be drawn towards a neutron star and the position will be on its surface. They will slow down the time of gravity so that the time gap between the wormholes and the two faces gradually increases. If two faces are kept in place, the time will be stuck there!

Suppose that time is 10 years. An astronaut leaped through the wormhole on one side, which is basically 10 years later, if another astronaut jumps on another side then it will reach 10 years back. So it looks like a close loop of swanac can be turned into a symmetrical loop in the same way. Only a restriction will be there when the Wormhole was first created, the spaceman could never return.

In other words, wormholes can be produced naturally on a very small scale, such as Plank Lenh, which may be compared to a nuclear nucleus. According to the theory, such a one-minute wormhole engine is stabilized by pulse, and in some way it is normal!


Now let's talk about some paradox, which is basically the most important question to these time machine theorists! After we finished these sensational problems, we were able to make a time machine, then a bad guy went to the past and killed his daughter in childhood, what would happen ?

Many such questions or questions will come out when somebody wants to change the past, but yes it is such that when a person left a girl in the past and in the future she was his mother, then it would be a causative positive loop, which has the symmetry. Maybe the behavioral ability of a time traveler can be restructured, due to these reasons, but it will not really be possible to have the time traveler's frequency control.

It may also be that, one time traveler went to a New Year Traveler from IEEE to Detel, but in the past, he taught his students well, which was read in IEEE again. Then two texts are in two times.

The strange events of all these time travels have still kept them in the possibilities. But Stephen Hawking gave the idea of "chronology protection conjurer" which excludes these reasoning loops. Of course, Penrose has such a conjecture. Whichever hoak supports the leucological loop of the relativity, and after this chronology conjecture some fighter may need to work on the issue of past travels of time traveler. So what are these factors? One suggestion is that the Quantum process will come forward in that case. The existence of time machines will allow the ears to travel in their loop in the past. In some calculations, however, there are indications that the previous occurrences themselves will come out in power and create a huge array of energy and break the wormhole!

These chronological protections are still at an informed level, so there is still hope for the time travel. Maybe you have to wait for that quantum when Quantum McNickes will be able to with gravitational hypotheses, through a theory that will be adjusted for string theory or its extension, the so-called M-theory (Membrane Theory). It may also be that the next generation of choliders will be able to create such subatomic wormholes which may be just children of HG Wells's time machine! But it certainly will bring a remarkable change in physics!

There may be some mistakes in this big writing. We are sincerely sorry for that

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