10 ways to keep Facebook or various social accounts safe

There are many incidents of Facebook account being hacked in many countries including Bangladesh. As a result, we face many problems. There will be no computer engineer to protect Facebook or other social media accounts. If you adhere to some caution and some restrictions, you can keep your account safe. There are some ways or methods discussed below. If you follow the following methods or methods, then your account can be safe

1. Strong password
The first thing you need to do to keep your account secure is to have a strong password so that someone can not easily find or steal information from your ID in your ID. We often provide a simple password for our convenience, but you will never do it. Remember that your password is a complex password with the characters, numbers and elphabet so that hackers can not easily hack your ID. That's why your password is complicated or complicated. This will make your ID a lot more secure or safe.

2. All information including name will be correct
The second way to keep your account secure is to have all the information on your ID correct. Because for some reason if your ID is hacked, then you should report it to Facebook for your ID, to validate your information, the papers that are given to you such as ID, password, are verified that you can return your account so that you can get the correct name or Information will be used. Using any other name like Meghhina Akash, Rainbow, it will be difficult to get your account back.

3. Two-Step Verification
Two-step verification is when you will be able to login to your Facebook or Social Media account, a message will be sent from your Facebook or social media account to your phone and a code will be sent to that SMS. The code will be OTP (one time password). Log in with this password. I think your ID will be much safer if using a two-step password.

4. App or website permissions
When we go to Facebook or other sites to login, we have to use an app to login to Facebook. And for that reason we have to check whether the app we have access to has permission. That means you can see that apps that are trustworthy if they are trustworthy or if necessary, just applying those apps and removing unnecessary apps.

5. Hide Log in Information
Do not use any sensitive information on Facebook or social media. Sensitive information here means that your phone number, email address, with which you have opened your Facebook or social media account, keep them hidden by yourself or your privacy so that hackers can not easily hack your account.

6. Do not click on unknown links
Do not ever click on any unfamiliar link. It may be that you click on an unknown link and hackers find out the information you need from that link and hack your ID. Because of my opinion, if you do not click on any unknown link, then you can keep your ID very secure.

7. Remove the Priority Login
Log out of any device that was previously logged in. To do this, there are options on Facebook or Social Media. You go to settings and log out of the privileged logged in devices as well as kill sessions so others can not log in to your device.

8. Do not login to Facebook from other devices
Other devices may not be a Facebook login to your friend's PC or phone, unless your friend is trusted. Otherwise it may be that your friend can hack your password through spyware.

9. Do not panic on Facebook
Many of us think that in the social media fights, no one can harm me if we are abused. But your thoughts are totally wrong, because you do not know everyone in the social media, do not you? Sometimes it may be that you have cursed someone in social media and if you have copied one of your links to any of your IDs, then the matter will look different. So neither you nor me should not slay anyone in Facebook or social media.

10. Professional Hacker Hire
Pro means professional. If a person asks to hire a professional hacker to hack his account and if the hacker hacks the ID of the person and tells him how secure or secure his account is, then that person will be secure so that there is no problem in his ID. So sometimes you can hire professional hackers to see how safe your account is.

I think that with the description of that article, I could share some good methods or ways to keep you Facebook or Social Media account secure. If you like that article, do not forget to like, comment and share.

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