What is "CAPTCHA" ? How does the Captcha work ?

When we go to sign up for various web sites in general or open a new account or buy something, we are familiar with a topic where we have to complete the work by clicking on a zigzag or clicking on the same picture. This is called captcha. The interpretation of CAPTCHA is - a test that makes a difference between a fully automated computer and robots and humans.

History of CAPTCHA:

The 1990's famous search engine 'Altavista' asked the engineers to find a way to protect them from computer robots in their database system, links and sites, and to make their sites not spam, it is difficult for robots and for humans It is easy. And then the engineers discovered optical character recognition and some elements were associated with it. As a result, an extraordinary embarrassment test was created. Audio Verification, Spoken Letters. Which then became very famous. Later, the development of this new discovery began gradually. The first self-regulated Captcha was revisited in 1997, but it was renamed in 2003. It was discovered by Luis Von Un. It is used to avoid spam.

In 1998, thousands of emails were opened in Yahoo! through spam bots and then Luis Van Un created this test. If it was not there, too many email accounts could be opened at the same time, if any big program or photo or any sports ticket sold on the Internet, then a programmer wrote a code that would buy all the tickets alone and then he would start black marketing. Taka 300 for a ticket at Tk 500. The robot can not understand because this captcha can be easily understood by people. But there was a time when people began to think it nasty because it was slowing people's work. Moreover, the visually impaired could not pass this step.

And for that it is easy for the people and to make it even more difficult to computer robots, different types of captcha were discovered. For example, the selection of the same national photo, audio clips, different types of fun games, mathematical problem solving etc. But due to the rapid progress of technology, it was once seen that Robot was more expert than CAPTCHA, and Google then discovered that NO CAPTCHA - RE CAPTCHA. It is easy for the people and the computer becomes more difficult with robots. Because computer robots have no mechanism to pass this test in machine language. But sometimes there are No Captcha - RE Captcha photos, because I'm not a robot! When you click on this box they can not think of your clicks as if you are not a robot. And then you have to click on more pictures to determine the accuracy that you are not a robot.

How does the CAPTCHA Work?

Google's discovered no Captcha - Rip Capsize when you're 'I'm not a robot!' 'When you click on this box, they will notice the movements of your mouse that you guys are not robots. If you're a human, then the mouse indicator or cursor will be scratched and you'll tick that box. As a result they will know that you are the people. And if there is a robot, then it will go straight to it, which will prove it is not a robot. Also....

  1. IP Address
  2. Browsing Cookies
  3. History
  4. You tried to do the same thing several times
etc. You are not the man that robots choose!

There is also some more hidden information that Google has not yet expressed how they reliably work to create a difference between humans and robots. The last thing to say is that the captcha comes in our way.

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