There are some useful and effective techniques to succeed in a blog that you must adhere to

Best wishes to everyone on my behalf. I hope everyone is good. I'm fine too I will say some important things about the blog today. There are many blogs in Bengali today. I think the author is much less than the blog. Many people sit at the hobby and open the blog. After a while, when the hobby goes away or the hope of opening a blog, if you do not get any results then the blog is closed immediately. Because the blog will not be open only, it will have to do a lot of hardship and be patient. The blog is not open today and the new post writes new bus buses A blog may take a few years to make it fairly popular. A blog will be popular if some things are kept in mind. Today I will say a few things. I hope they do not know how much they can benefit but they will not hurt.

The first thing to say is that if you really want to establish a blog then think about a good name or domain name, because the name is more important. Much of it makes it uncomfortable. What's more important then hosting is. Buy good quality hosting at sight. Buying a wallet with a wallet without paying for the price. Because your blog will be standing on it, so if the original is not right then you can look up.

Then the most important thing is the content. If your blog's content is not unique and not standard then you end up there. Do yourself a question all the time. And that's what your blog is like because the Visitor will come to your blog? Try to answer yourself and see if you are satisfied with your answer. On the day you can be satisfied yourself, think that the visitors are satisfied and since then the visitors will also come to your blog.

Then the important thing is that you blog and there are unique and quality posts, but there is a blog you have and there is no unified and quality post. Then what visitors will come to your blog. I think you can answer the answer. So what to do now? All you have to do is know that you have a blog and that there are unique and quality posts. To know, you need to do SEO. So anyone who searches on your blog gets your blog's address. You can advertise and give it There is a spread of publicity in the words. The more people know, the more you get your blog popularity. I mean SEO and all the work that has been done, that your blog will be promoted, such as social shares, backlinks, search engine submissions etc.

The thing that you want to say next is to find blogs related to the topic on your blog and post it regularly. Although this is the case with SE and after this, it is a matter of discussion because it is very important. For example, if your blog is technical. So those who always look at technology lover or those technical texts always find the latest new things about technology. Where they get something new they will be there either new blog or a long time ago. So if you can do this on a regular basis then you can expect to get many visitors from here. Besides, to make your blog appear in front of everyone, you have to make these difficulties.

The point that I want to say is the speed of the site. In a blog, the site's loading speed works as a big factor. If your site or blog takes more time to load or your blog size is too big, visitors will not be bothered to get back to your blog again. It is a very difficult task to remember that one thing is better than preserving a visitor. It seems that by doing so many things have brought the visitor to your blog but for some reason if he gets annoyed then easily your blog and he will not want to come because he has once seen the status of your blog but if he is a new Visitor he I did not know anything about that so he could easily come to your blog. Hopefully I understand what I mean. Always remember that a visitor is not obliged to come to your blog. Explain with an example. When the SSC or ASEX results give results, many of us do not have results from the website. But then what is the status of that site, I think everyone knows. But if the site's condition is poor or the speed is low, if we have to take or see the results then this site will have to take it so we continuously try to enter the site and get results. Just notice that we have no option here because the results should be taken from here. But in blogs, there are thousands of blogs in our country. If no one comes to your blog then it does not make much of a difference because he can meet his needs from the rest of the blog, but if he does not come to your blog then your blog will not run. Do not think that there will be nothing on your blog. If you think of it then you will catch 100% Guarantee. However, I said a lot. Talking about how to speed up your site, you have to write a lot to write about this. There are many posts in this regard. 

Designs of blogs and many more. The design you are expecting to be successful with the blog is certainly elegant and well-liked. Because many Visitors have no factor in designing them or the main content of them. If your blog has content with the quality of the wallet, then it will come, but some of the content is designed and tested. Moreover, the design of the site or blog should be beautiful if someone likes it or not. I did not talk about blogging with a variety of colors in a variety of colors. According to my own opinion, the design should be fairly simple. Because simple design is more like people. It is a good thing to do in the middle of the simple, that is the good thing. However, this simple design can be different from the other. Because everyone's likes and wants are not the same.

One of the main parts of a blog is its author. So you have to keep an eye on how they can be inspired and inspired to write all the time. Add a list of 10 to 20 people to the maximum authors on your blog to inspire and honor them. Because those writers want that they deserve their respect, and that everyone who is posted here with a lot of trouble can see and know. To be honest, those who post regularly, when they see their name in the list, I think that they are very happy and inspired. I do not know how true this is to me, but many people do not want to be the first name of the list. But one thing I say is that as much as I do, a writer's contribution can not be repaid by anything, and I did not write these for shortening a writer, I just wrote them for inspiration, so please do not take it any worse.

When a writer publishes a post, he wants everyone to contribute it. The simple thing is that everyone comments or votes in his post. The person who wrote a post said that he felt very proud and was very inspired. But if the author of the post is inspired by the comments, it would be good to inspire those who make the comments, so encourage them to add a list of the most commentators and what they have commented add the last few comments to your blog. Everyone will be interested in this.

Arrange that visitors can participate in more than your blog. For example, you can add a poll system, like system of system or vote system. Visitors' interest in it may be a little bit longer.

What I've written so far is my own opinion in the light of my own opinion. If you forget any mistakes, then forgive. So pray that I can pray further.

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