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Today's writing is for those who have achieved higher education after intermediate. I finished the Master in 2012. Several years of career has passed. Although I am not employed by a government or private company I am a freelancer thought it was the most important time between student life and career honors. I mean, after completing the intermediate course of 3 years or 4 years course. If you have come to this stage, then what you did in the past or how you spent in the past is not very much the case. Because you are thinking about how to spend the present time depends on the near future life. Today's article is so important. If you take the article carefully, hopefully it will be useful for some of your life.

Do something in life

At this stage, many of us think before finishing education and then doing something. The one who saw this time with honors, was the one who saw the most problems. Unless your mum-mole, you have money. Because those who have someone to co-operate with them in some way or somehow do some things or they become really. But those of us who do not have money or have no one to cooperate, the problems and anxieties of their own. So you do not have to think about it at least. Find out something out of this thought and find something.

Eating, sleeping and chat:

Eating and sleeping chat is one of the many things that many of us do in honors life. We forget that some of the major activities are to study. And this mistake is the biggest mistake of our lives. Then, if you can finish honors with any other type of class, But it can be understood how much pain and hardship it survives when it comes to everyone's education, there is no job, there is no job, it is difficult to find a job. It's really hard to find a job at least for you. You are a paper boat in the study of this great sea of work! How long do you have your boat, how long have you not seen with the start.

So, if you really want to eat and drink in life, then eat it in a housework, just sleep and eat a little bit, and a little bit of education. Then this hard work can bring you the life of your peace.

Just leave everything except study

Dad, you see everything dropped down to study! Where's the problem again? You did not want that? I did not mean to say but did not exclude everything. Because if you can not just get a job if you are studying then think about what will happen to you. It is difficult to say that only good studies are available in our country. You know that 4,00,000 people apply against 2000 seats in the BCS exam. And 3,98,000 jobs will not be available even though they have studied a lot. Then will you stop studying? Do not do that. Do not study everything altogether, as well as studying, you try to do something. For example, learning something, achieving any skill, etc. that you do not have to live without even getting a job in life.

My advice

What I meant to tell you is an important time in your life, honors life. Your career will depend on this life. If the career is not good then you can not realize how much pain it is. You apply your every day. Time can not be picked. Study with your mind and learn a job as well as a study.

Please tell me how I liked my writing and share it with your friends. Always be well.

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