The sun's behavior will change!

A new round of sun will start at the beginning of 2020. Whose scientific name is 'solar cycle' or 'sunspot cycle'. Scientists of the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research recently reported this information in a report. According to the report, 'solar cycle 24' is currently running, which will end in December 2019. According to scientists, the weakest cycle from this century is Cycle 24. But the next cycle will be stronger than this. By 2024 it will be the most powerful.

But what is this 'solar cycle'? Every 11 years the Sun's magnetic field reverses. This resulted in various changes in the solar system. The change happens in its radiation. Even in the face of the sun In 1843, "Samuel Henrique Schuab" invented this revolution of the Sun.

The sun has its roots in the Earth's natural energy. As a result, the effect that will affect the world due to the change in his nature is normal. According to the scientists, 150 to 200 sun-spots are seen when solar cycle are strong. This reduces warming. However, scientists are not expecting any hope in the solar cycle 25. The result of this change in the sun is not only on the weather. According to space scientists, this effect will also be affected by satellite and other space-based technologies.

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