Physical problems that occur on Facebook may take longer

The two-minute talk of the phone, where the trouble was shattered, the texting continued without end. If the answer is delayed then stress increases. If you do not speak face-to-face then, it is misunderstood that you can not find happiness or benefit in the voice of your eyes, in the voice of the eyes, but it is also absurd that the tension increases. It can also be a stress. So also on the work world Communicating from serious to general opinion on mail. Texting option. Android App doors are open during sleep. As a result, the work time of 8-9 hours has increased by 12-14 hours. Tension is personal about. Again, the technology of Phobia is not able to cope with so many things. His stress and anxiety increases with his hand. Recent research suggests that the biggest cause of digital strokes is Technology Phobia. Everyone has learned everything, and you can be traumatized by this attitude. If you want to spend this stress, first of all, the things that are not difficult. You can learn if you want. But whether you want it or you want it at all is your thing. The best is to work or enjoy whatever you need, as you learn. Because of the temptation of trendy to buy the latest mobile or ipod, there is no work to eat. You do not need to write names on all social networking sites. Instead of trying to enjoy life in the old style, it would be better. Not real, live in real world: do not move yourself away from the real world. Spread yourself beyond the technology. Technology has been created to make life easier. But instead of life becomes difficult, mental turmoil starts, you realize you can not handle the matter. So, from today's rules, separate the working time and personal time. Call the colleagues that you will not be available after a certain time. If you need an alternate phone, do not call anyone without emergency. If the email or text is not completely missed at the time of relation, then try to check the interval. Sit back and forth without having to discuss important discussions. In less time, you can reach the solution to avoid wrong conflicts. In terms of personal relationships, texting or mail is more expensive than talking. Get help from technology, where to negotiate, or decide on what to do, but the main conversation is confronted. This will reduce stress. The relationship will get new dimensions. Please do not hesitate to disconnect as far as possible with one day or at least one hour in the afternoon, so please do it. Walk in the open space without sweating in the gym. Do not squeeze the sound of the iPod in the ear, and make the morning noise. Family is not compromised with time and m-time. One hour, two hours, keep it as long as possible, so that it can be computer or mobile free as possible. Keep reading books as well as reading books as well as reading the nets. Turn off the net, mobile at least two hours before going to bed. Get rid of insomnia. It may not be very harmful in the workplace.

Remember it:

  1. The main conversation is confronted. This will reduce stress
  2. Family is not compromised with time and m-time
  3. Read and keep reading books as well as studying nets
  4. Stop at the net, on mobile, at least two hours before going to bed
  5. Do it at least one time with the technology, and do it as much as possible

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