In this era of technology parents have to take responsibility for their child

Who does not want children? It is said that there are many bad men in the world, but there is also a bad parent. The topic of today's discussion is that in this digital age of technology, the responsibilities of the parent, the duties and avoidances of the child. I will try to put the words to logic. I hope you will not resort to an orthodoxies in your acceptance. Make my son daughter a computer engineer, but before HSC, no computing no facebooking no youtubeing, please read some of the national fathers, please. Because today's post is going to be dedicated to you.

Say goodbye, what kind of a product in the market, who would better understand buyers i min who is not a user? Or the manufacturer? Of course the user? Those who think that the manufacturer can read the book 'Interinirorship' for sitting in the reading table. The one thing I wanted to tell is that your child is better? Are you a parent or a guardian? Surely the coin can not match again? Yes ... many people have started the wrong way from here.

In terms of mobile phone / computer usage, have you strictly imposed on your children? If the child is particularly tuned in the field, then some parents do not allow their children to use mobile phones / computers, do not they? And if the child is a girl then it is necessary to say so. Have you ever thought of as a guardian; Do you put him into more immoral degradation, by not stopping, using surveillance or using it? Because he is constantly moving in a friend / friendly or different environment. But the law does not mean it is necessary! Here is an example to insert the matter well on the head; Suppose a young person has a wife / spouse Or if there is no youth / wife / husband / wife, is there any possibility of her falsification? If you are not sure the amount of possibilities? So why are you picking up the computer / phone or not using it?

Now I am going to talk about a horrific thing; Many parents give direct advice on the use of social sites (facebook, twitter, youtube) to give their teens the computer / mobile phone in any way. Some people do not use computer / phone to control the situation! But did not work at all. Again, an example is trying to clear the issue; Does headache cut when headache? Sure not So, when the computer / mobile phone is taking away the computer / mobile phone from the problem or is using it to use the restriction? What? So how do you think your child will not be able to survive? Do not worry that there is nothing in the way, and it will be the moral teachings of your children when it is small! When the tree is in the state of the moon, if it bends and binds it, then it will grow bigger. Likewise, if your child has taught moral education or religion since childhood, then he will be like that. What if you want to straighten the tree again after growing up? If you have not given your child the moral lesson right then how big will you be able to understand clearly?

When the world is moving forward. When kids children are competing in programming, you are keeping your child away from mobile-computer and thinking that this is good for him. Sorry, you've got the wrong path. No matter how much you try to obstruct, your child will watch YouTube (Blue Film) right. If you can instill the pompous matter in his mind, then he will not be able to do immoral activities only in your absence due to fear of God. If the matter is not in the head, then look at a religiously and a godly society right now! I hope the matter is clear. No matter how much you try to obstruct, your child will always learn how to run Facebook. It may be that they fall prey to friends and family. But you could also put your son in the computer. You could but teach your child to run Facebook. You could but have your child absorb positive things of technology. You could but help him become a small programmer. You could have been a future-the guardian of Zacaberg. One thing to remember is that your child will take the weapon, but if you keep falling in love with friends, then you may be able to learn to become terrorists and if you keep your balance then you will learn to use it against terrorists. Remember the technology is a weapon!

In the end, it is not right to give more tie to the children, then the strain will be broken once. If you do not want to sweat too much then you can get it on the head. We have to maintain the balance between the two. To be fully developed, the advantages and advantages of the benefits must be developed; Do not deprecate the benefits.

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