How To Make Money From Personal Blog?

Often, I have to face a lot of questions that, can I personally earn money from online articles by publishing articles in the blog? Most people question excitedly curious interest in knowing about this topic. In the interest of the easy-to-understand the questioner, any online marketing respondent will answer the question, yes. Then there are many more questions that will come automatically in response to this answer. How do I do, what to do and how to earn more, etc etc?

To earn money from online, business and institutional companies are not as difficult for them, more difficult to earn from blogging than a personal blog. Because a well-known company gets enough visitors even without following many rules of search engine optimization due to their popularity and popularity. As a result, due to being adequate visitors, they were easily allowed to use any type of CPC or CPM type advertising. Moreover, due to their popularity, they were able to earn good money by offering various types of advertisements to various local advertising companies.

On the other hand, it is quite different and difficult for personal blogs. Because when you start blogging in the initial stage, nobody will recognize your blog. In order to make it known to everyone, following all the rules of search engine, follow the other blogs related to your blog topic and bring your blog to the first page of the search result. You can expect to receive expected returns / results from your blog only when you are able to do this work in combination with good quality content. Because when you have adequate quantity content on your blog and the posts will appear on the first page of search results, then do not worry about increasing the visitor to your blog. However, you have to work long hours with great patience in order to do this whole work alone. It is to be noted that, in the use of CPC or CPM advertising, especially in the personal blog, the more visitors in the blog, the more the person can earn.

Below we will show 03 different ways to earn the most simple and long-term income, from which you can earn money by publishing articles on your personal blog.

Google Adsense
Perhaps Google AdSense is the most popular and popular advertising network in online advertising companies. In particular, most of the new bloggers are not aware of any type of online advertising other than Google AdSense. Google Adsense has become popular with advertisers and advertisers because of the number of users and trustworthiness. One of the most simple and trustworthy platforms for earning good money from online on-line through AdSense for a new blogger.

Generally Google displays advertisements based on the quality of blogs and content and gives click-through (CPC) pricing. In this case, the more unique click on the ads of the blog, the higher your blog income will be. Apart from this, Google Adsense also gives advertisements the value of advertising on page views (CPM). Its value is fixed on the rank of the blog and the value of the currency. We've already shared a few posts with a series of Google AdSense. If you take all the posts from the link above, you will be able to get approved by Adsense in a very short time.

This is also a great high-paying advertising agency. However, BuySellAds policy and advertising costs are completely different from Google Adsense. Generally, when a blog has a large number of visitors, then the blog owner invites you to obtain BuySellAds by creating a space of space as ad space in various places of the blog. If they think that your blog is suitable for their advertising, then you can sell the space for that advertisement at different prices for a fixed amount of time. In this case you can earn a lot more money than Google Adsense.

But authorizing Google AdSense to authorize BuySellAds is much more difficult than it is difficult to do. As well as increasing your blog's popularity, you can expect BuySellAds approval only when a large number of visitors continue to grow. Generally, when a blog has a 50/60 thousand unique page view on a blog, you can catch the claim that the blog has been eligible to apply for BuySellAds.

Affiliate Ads
This is commission based online advertising. Affiliate Marketing is a medium where publishers and product makers gather together and share profits / commission by selling product marketing and selling together.

Think you have a good blog, where people visit a lot of people every day. Then you have sent a visitor to the product maker / vendor company website by associating the visitor with content related content of your blog. As a result, the company sold some of its products through your blog. In this way you will receive payment according to the visitor's payment or the contract for the product. The popularity of Affiliate Marketing is increasing day by day.

We have tried to inform personal bloggers some income sources with the most important and easy topics of the current time. If you can share the good content regularly on the blog, as well as optimize the search engine on your blog, you can increase your popularity by increasing the number of visitors to your blog, then you can get Smart Amount Income using 03 advertisements together.

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