Do you know how Google is banning you even after clicking on VPN?

When you use VPN, you only use it for a little while. Then you can go back to the local IP. Google is collecting records using your device's last 28-day net usage. To say that Google is not doing this. I'm giving it myself. You are using the net. In that case, Google easily tracks your location and device through the Internet. By doing this Google identifies your position and alone. By doing so, you understand that you click on the ad illegally.

You can ask, if I go out of the country and click on the ad then will Google bend me?

No Because, I already said that Google has tracked your location by using the internet. Whenever you are using net on overseas ground, you are connecting to local IP. In this way, Google understands that your device is in another country.

Another question is, can I stay outside the country when I used the net? Where can I live in Europe, where simultaneously 6-7 countries can have borderline?

There is logic in your question. But sir, you know very well that when you use the net on the border of Bangladesh, that country is invisibly in front of all the sites. Such as Google Bangladesh, Google India, Google UK, like that. When you are using Google while standing in the border of Bangladesh, there is a satellite on your head that sends the input auto to your net to Google's Survey. Again, when you are going to the border of India, this satellite is changing your web address in the name of Google India ... Hopefully, you are able to understand your site because it is becoming banned in VPN usage. 

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