Create your own personal and professional blog (Part - 05)

You may know that the easiest platform to create a blog for personal or business purposes is Google's Blogger. It is very easy to create blogs easily and without any web development knowledge. Besides, it is possible to continue blogging without any reluctance because of the Google company.

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We have started this blog for almost a month. For the time being, our other staff is busy with various tasks and I am going to blogging myself alone. Therefore, due to the lack of time, all types of posting can not be possible. Although this blog should have been started earlier, but we thought it would be easy. So at the beginning I gave up. Later on, many of them were forced to post the blog. This post will continue our way. Each post will be linked to the following table.

Blogger Layout:

In blogs full of blogs (Series 5), I welcome you again, Md Harun-or-Rashid. Our today's post is about how you can add new widgets using the blog's Layout option.

  • By clicking on the Layout option from the Blogger dashboard, you will see the following blogger layout in below image.

  • The layout section of each blog is similar. However, blogger layout according to Template can be a little different.
  • The blogger Gadget button is the part that has been marked with the 2 in the above image. These can usually be on the right side of the blogger layout, above, downwards even on the left side. Whenever you add a new widget, click this button. After clicking this button you will see the image below.


  • The above images are one of the Gadgets. You can add them to your blog by clicking on them. If you click on any of these, another box will appear, then click on Save Gadget will be added to your blog.
Blogger Html JavaScript

  • The above image is also a Blogger Gadget. The reason for showing it differently is that it is the most used among Blogger Gadgets. If you want to add a custom widget to your blog then you can add it through.
In the next post: In the next post, we will discuss the important parts of Blogger, Template: InshaAllah Stay with us till then.

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