Create your own personal and professional blog (Part - 02)

You may know that the easiest platform to create a blog for personal or business purposes is Google's Blogger. It is very easy to create blogs easily and without any web development knowledge. Besides, it is possible to continue blogging without any reluctance because of the Google company.

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We have started this blog for almost a month. For the time being, our other staff is busy with various tasks and I am going to blogging myself alone. Therefore, due to the lack of time, all types of posting can not be possible. Although this blog should have been started earlier, but we thought it would be easy. So at the beginning I gave up. Later on, many of them were forced to post the blog. This post will continue our way. Each post will be linked to the following table.

Introduction to the Blogger Dashboard

  1. New Post: Click here to post a new one. Every time you post a new post, you have to click this yellow button.
  2. Overview: You can click here to know how many comments are pending for your post, how many comments have been published, how many times have been posted today, how many posters, how many followers are there on your blog, and where, or through a website, visitors are coming to your blog etc.
  3. Posts: Here you can see all the lists of posts you have posted here. If you want to delete any old post or any change you can do it here.
  4. Pages: Here are several different types of songs about singing safely. For example, various pages of type, such as your blog, about yourself, blog policy, contact page etc. are made.
  5. Comments: How many comments on your blog are posted, delete a comment, grant a comment, and delete spam comments.
  6. Google+: Using it, you can connect your Blogger profile to Google+ profile. This allows you to easily share your posts with your Google+ profile. If you wish, you can also disconnect.
  7. Stats: Here you can find out more about the traffic of your blog. It's almost like the overview option. However, from here you can find more details, including how many View, any kind of browser that visitors came to your blog, Visitors from some countries visited your blog, and visited any of your operating systems using your operating system.
  8. Earnings: If your blog is good and has a large number of visitors, then Google Adsense Approved can earn money using Advertising on your blog. But it still does not support Bangla. To get approved Adsense, your blog must be English. We will discuss the details later.
  9. Campaign: This is basically a part of Google AdWords. You have to be very knowledgeable to use it. It plays an important role in optimizing search engines.
  10. Layout: An important part of Blogger Template is this Layout. You can use different types of gadgets on your blog using this. It also plays an important role in blog sorting.
  11. Template: This is the blogger's life. Without this blog can not be considered. It can be edited to manage the entire work of your blog. All the work that needs to be designed and modified on your blog is here.
  12. Settings: We all understand this simple word. So, I'm not saying anything. From here you can do more with the help of blog name, blog description and blog address changes.

In the next post, we will discuss all the options of the Blogger dashboard in detail in separate post, Insha Allah Hope to be with us

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