Seven Hits Games of the Year

Mobile hardware is constantly improving. Along with this, all mobile games are being brought to the market, all the graphics in excellent graphics.

This year, as well as on the mobile platform, there was also a noticeable focus on the gaming dynamics companies. Many new games in this series hit the market this year. The reports of those years of the year will be in this report.

If asked, what is the response to the mobile gaming market? If the eyes are closed, then answer can be found, "PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS" - PUBG. The game downloaded more than 20 million. Gimme has three million active users per day.

The battles of the Royal Game is one, the end of the round. The total of 100 players alone or group will be released on an island, naked naked. Backpacks to carry weapons, clothing, and accessories to be hidden within the island. Ultimately, the team or geometer that survives will be the winners. The game will continue to do this way. Winners will be able to decorate their character, skin, miscellaneous items for different types of skin or arms.

This game has been created by the Chinese technology Giant Tencent. The rating of 4.5 ratings has just been downloaded more than 10 million from Google Play. Free gaming can be downloaded from this address. IOS users can download from this address

The game creates epic games. Gimati is a bit lagging behind in popularity with PUBG. It's on the list of the year's hit games.

You can take part in a match of up to 100 gamers in the game. Everyone will be gathered on an island before the start of the match, which can be called the game lobby. After the match starts, everyone on the main island of Fortnight will be taken to the flying bus. After that, the geimars can jump on the glider with the jumps while flying over the surface of the mind.

No arms will be given at the beginning of the game, arms from the island's houses or other places will be collected. Using them, the gamers will have to try to survive by suppressing each other. In the meantime, for a while, new weapons and essential items will be dropped on the island by parachute. This way, the matches will continue, the number of gamers will decrease, the number of gamers will decrease. The goal of the game will be to survive till the end of a match, group or alone.

Asphalt 9: Legends
Asphalt is popular in mobile racing game world. Like the previous version, the new Asphalt 9 is unveiled in the current year and gets popularity with the Gamers. The game has improved visual, new controls, and many customization options.

Ferrari, W. Motors, and Porsche have more than 50 brands of cars in this game. Cars can be updated by coins if you want. It has been used to give high definition graphics and vivid flicks to the social background.

Final Fantasy 15
The latest game of the popular final fantasy series 'Final Fantasy XV' or 'Final Fantasy 15'. The game was unveiled in February this year.

At the beginning of the game, the Prince Knights of Luis left with his three friends to negotiate with the Emperor to end the ongoing war between the Kingdom of Lucis and the Nephilim. When their car broke out on the way they came to a nearby town. From there to the beginning of their adventure.

Suppressing violent creatures around the city, finding the trapped people, finding the treasure according to the map, even the monster bird has a mission to snatch the gems from his house while he is asleep.

In all, the Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition is the best in the mobile roll playing game of the time.

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