Investors want Zuckerberg resignation

Facebook's chairman and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has stepped up to step down as investors

In a report of British daily Guardian on Saturday, the senior vice president of Facebook, Trelium Asset Management, Jonas Crone, called for the resignation of Zuckerberg as chairman of the board. "The world's largest social media employs the Republican-owned political consultant and public relations firm Gave it Those who 'work to bring out the information of the competing' - The report was recently published in the US Daily New York Times Report. Since then, investors are known to make this pressure.

A quote has been published in the report.

He said, "It should be an organization and the chairman and chief executive of the institutions should be different." The US daily's report said that the Facebook Definers Public Affairs has appointed a Washington-based company. However, Facebook co-founder Zuckerberg declined to know much about the organization at a press conference. He said, 'After reading this report, I talk to our team on the phone and we are not working with this organization.'

Natasha Lamb, another investment company of Facebook, Arjuna Capital, said that the coordinated terms of the chairman and the chief executive are 'the problems in the Facebook organization can be completely ignored.'

The Technology Site TechCrunch reports that the founder of the Republican campaign manager is much different than the neutral political contractor. In one statement, Facebook's Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg also declined to know about the organization.

According to analysts, due to the new criticism against Facebook, the reputation of the company will be frustrating, as well as the status of Zuckerberg Chairman will also be stormy. At the same time, this is a big push for Sir Nick Clegg, Facebook's newly appointed 'Global Head of Policy'. The credibility of Facebook after the Cambridge Analyst Kand has been a big threat.

Even then, a few rounds of information about the customer's information about Behata go downstream. This report was published when Facebook was asking for continued efforts to regain their lost credibility. -IT desk

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