Failure is the key to success

It's hard to find people who do not taste the bitterness of failure. Everyone has to face the shaky arrow called the failure. Because failure is one of the companions of every human life. It has been associated with our lives. But the problem is that we stop our path by failing. We have to survive the original assassination of the original firearm. This led to the dissolution of inspiration. Then we do not have a way to turn around. Stay in the dark room. Depression mesh comes from four walls like Hayner. At first, these nets are firmly stabilized, but slowly they are still on the surface. The mesh that gets trapped once it gets torn, it is difficult to tear it out No matter how it came out, I could not find lost self-confidence. And there is no question of having confidence in where there is no confidence. That means life is completely finished. Then there was an unhappiness in life. The real fun of living is gone. Stay alive while still alive The consequence of which can lead to a horrific phase of suicide.

But if we fail and do not stop the road, using that failure, we will continue to learn from that failure, with our own enthusiasm. So we need to use the failure. Failure means that everything is not finished, it is kept in the baketa baap paratha forever. After planting these seeds on the chest, it will give you sweet fruit after the plant. So it can not stop if it fails. If you have to overcome the mistakes of failure, you will have to continue to correct those mistakes, then the success laughs to your face. So failure can also lead you to the top of the show.

You may wonder how? And if the exact question that you rotate in your mind then you are in the right place. So let's take a look.

1. Cautions will come in decision-making
People are not just just failures. There are many reasons behind the failure. So when you fail, you can understand that your decision was wrong. The decision you made was the result of the implementation of the decision that you did not accept the failure. If you created the environment to implement the decision, then you will not have to put your fate on the forehead. So this lesson will be useful to you. Because when you are going to take a fresh decision in future, the experience of this mistake will teach you to take precautions in deciding. And if you take precautions in the decision-making process, then you will get the shade of success in that work.

2. Find yourself new
There is a sentence in Bengali, "Wounded Tiger is more awesome", when you fail once in a while, your mind will accept mentality as a challenge. Enhance your self-confidence Because the man fails to climb the mountain, he does not stop the hill. Rather, it has been trying again and again as a challenge. And the same zinta will happen here too. Once failed, you will want to try again and prepare yourself. You will find something in yourself that you did not discover before. When this hidden power is hidden then no power will stand in front of you and the walls of success.

3. You can recognize friends in danger
No friend wants good for us, no closing or wishing us good! These two difficulties are difficult, because the two types of people outside are just like the same inside. But the inside is not seen anymore, so there is no way to know. But naturally, once you fail, you can recognize friends of your danger. When a man fails, he loses a lot and who is just your good friend, after your failure, you will not see any of them next, everyone will leave you alone. On the other hand, those who are with you in your worst time, will give you courage and encouragement, they are actually your real friends. They are your best and genuine companions. Give them prominence, they have a lot of support behind your success.

4. Understand your weaknesses
Every failure is behind the shadow of any weakness. Success does not go out of our hands unnecessarily, behind it is the weakness story People in the exam fail to find that they are weak in the subject. That's why failure comes due to our weaknesses. But if you fail at any initiative, you will be able to catch your weaknesses. Where is the weakness, in which case it can be understood. Your weaknesses will become clear to you like a mirror. And if you decide to venture into a work the next time, then overcome those weaknesses, think about weaknesses and convert weaknesses into your energy. Then you will see the success of your mesh.

5. Your arrogance will be erased
From the very beginning, I have come to a conclusion that "the origin of the fall of pride". So, in many cases, your biggest reason for failure is to become proud because of your arrogance. This arrogance goes from the road of success to the road of failure. Because when one step starts success in a matter of time, people feel arrogant. And this arrogance makes people blind to the front obstacles. That is why people are confused. As a consequence, the fate of the failure is to coat on forehead. But if you fail for the first time, you will understand the reasons for the decline of arrogance, and then the next time you will not be proud of anything. Because of which you will reach the peak of success.

6. Learn to accept criticism
Criticism comes in everyone's life. It is difficult to find people who did not get caught in criticism. There will be criticism and we have to go ahead with the truth and we will have to go ahead. However, accepting criticism is one of the very difficult tasks. There are few people among us who have the mentality of criticizing criticism. But if you fail in any work, then the mentality of accepting criticism will come in your midst automatically. But you will see the positive side of criticism without seeing the negative aspects of criticism. Then in the castle! Because the more people criticize you, the better you can develop yourself, the decisions in life will be more perfect. Keep in mind that critics are thinking of good morals because they are criticizing you with your shyness. If you can remove your evil from their criticism, then your success is absolutely sure.

7. Turning off "if" will stop
If "we have a difficult disease. Because when people go to take a decision, then only one item on their head just rotates - "If it is, if that is it?" And because of this, the world is deprived of much better work today. Because decisions are made for these reasons at the time of the decision. It does not work without worrying about the negative aspects of the results. If we start working with the throat, we can kill it with the throat. But if you fail once in a while, then these things will not be there anymore. Because you will know what will happen if you decide on this matter again. So, while taking a quick preparation, Aisan will not hesitate

8. You can take help from others
We can not take help from others in many cases. In this case, we feel hesitant and shy. So let's go ahead with my idea without any help or advice. We do not have the skills to do that, we are moving ahead with the thought. This does not result in success. But we must understand that always from good advice comes out. And once we failed, we realized this matter. Then you will learn to ask your friends or those who are skilled at this work. And with the help of people, you will have a good design for your work. And on the way you can touch the success.

9. The predictions of possible harm will come
When we start our work for the first time, there is no clear idea about the barrier to our work. As a result, we do not know when we are encountering any obstacles. As a result, we are overwhelmed. On the other hand, once you fail in work, you have full sense of obstruction or damage. Then you can stay alert when you do the next time. Prepare to deal with the barrier before facing obstacles. Thereby, you will not be afraid to eat in the middle. And you can taste success.

10. You will learn to give your best wishes
If there is no darkness, then the importance of light should not be understood as the failure of life could not be understood as the value of success. Failures actually highlight the real significance of success. Because if you achieve success only in life then that success will not make you happy. You will feel that success in your drinking water. But if you fail in life then you will be able to enjoy the real fun of success. Your success will make you happy - this joy will stir you. Your confidence will come to yourself. And this confidence will give you inspiration and this inspiration will help you succeed in the next work.

One thing to remember is that failure is temporary in your life but if you can apply it, failure will also bring blessings in your life. So do not be frustrated by the failure to continue with the education. Then your position will be a success story.

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