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There is a proverb in Bengali: "What is your name in the tree? As a result identity Similarly, the results of the study of the year's year bear test. In the student life, everyone examined the terrible thing. Why did you say terrible? It's hard to find people who are not afraid of exams. The test is just like the zodiac. Education spine of the nation. And what is the knowledge that has been able to gain knowledge from this education? What is the exact measurement of what is read all year round, which means that It means that if you are a good student or not a good number of exams or good results, then everything will be in vain.

But many years of studying too many students do not get the results they expect. The reason for this is that if you do not use some strategies for writing answer papers in the examination. Because of which their results are not good. There is also a need for some technical texts to study in addition to good results.

Under the following 12 techniques, it is possible to bring good results in the exam by applying the answer sheet in the examination.

1. Check whether the answer sheet is correct

The first task of the students is to look carefully or check whether the answer papers are appropriate before starting the writing. This is very important, as the answer sheet is left or pins open at some time. There is no such change in the situation as the writing becomes legendary. If you submit such answer papers, the tester may suspect that you have been treated unfairly. Which may affect the testers and sometimes the result may also cause problems. So, at the beginning of taking the answer-papers, first of all, these things should be checked so that they do not have to face any problem later.

2. In answer to the answer sheet, the correct information including roll number accurately written

This issue is also very important. Candidates should clearly check the roll number, registration number, subject code, etc. in the place of the answer sheet and should be well written and properly filled and the circle must be filled correctly. Sometimes it is seen that the answer is not written in the answer papers, Writing incorrectly, due to the fact that the circle is not filled properly, the number is not written well in the examination table and sometimes the results of the examination are postponed due to incorrect rolled writing or circle not being filled properly. Candidates must be very alert and aware about this.

3. Clear handwriting

There is no word that handwriting should be good. But the handwriting should be cleaned. There is a proverb in Bengali, "before the visionary, the virtuosity," that is to be good in philosophy first and then the quality will be judged. And if the handwriting is good in the examination table, then a different tester is created. Above all, beautiful and clear handwriting creates a realistic view of the testers whose impact is entirely on the entire table. Will try to cut-chopped, cut off if cut.

An example can be easily understood from an example. For example, the answer to a five-point question is that if the number of answer papers of a handwritten handwriting increases to half a number more than a bad handwriting answer, then the difference between the numbers of the two answer papers in a fifty-plus exam is five. That is, by answering the same, the answer sheet of bad handwriting 35 gets the answer sheet of good hand 40. 40 This proves that good handwriting can play a role because of not getting the plus!

4. Read the question papers carefully

Many people think the question papers? Only time is wasted. And they thought that they started writing without reading the full question paper. As a result, they have problems in the middle of their exams, and it can be seen that time is wasted. Besides, there are also narinos to give wrong answer without understanding. This can result in a worse result. So it is better to carefully read the question papers first. This gives a sense about the question. What is comparatively easy to measure is a fine measurement. And do not understand the question by writing the answer repeatedly while writing the answer. As a result, the answer is safer and accurate.

5. Paragraph text

If you want to get good results in the exam, you have to use some techniques in the answer to the question. In such a way as clear handwriting is necessary, in the answer to the presentation of the answer sheet, another aspect of the answer can be answered, it is parara by writing. Because the writing is filled with hibijibi, the main content in the eyes of the teacher is not later. The result was a lot of impedance later. On the other hand paragraphs are written simultaneously, the information presented to you is well done by the teacher and your presentation is clearly visible. When writing the answer, paragraphs should be entered with the pointer and it should be noted that between the two paragraphs, the distances between the two lines will be twice the distance between the lines.

6. Do not use colored pens and ink

Many people use different colored pen and ink in the examination table. As time goes on, it also spoils the beauty of the presentation of the Khana. So you will not do this. In the case of margins, use a good quality pencil. You can use any pencil, green, blue or yellow pencil or pencil to identify specific points. Using different exaggerated ink will damage the beauty of the khara and it can also affect the number obtained. At the top and left side of the writing, the scale of the half scale and the bottom of the field will be left empty. If you do not use them, like the time saved, the beauty of Khara will remain intact. As a result, good results will come.

7. The simple question will be answered before answering

Many people have answered difficult questions before thinking that "easy things can be done". But this can not be done. Because there are many answers to answering difficult questions, it takes time to ask questions, friends have to take help, and they have to sit for help. It is not possible to know when the time goes out. As a result, there is often no time for easy questions and answers to your known questions, but there is less time that does not become very elegant and complete. As a result the number is not available. So you should immediately go to the difficult questions with quick questions, so that the time balance is completely finished. And the results are better and so.

8. Writing answers in the light of time distribution

The candidate will have to distribute the answer in the number of answers beforehand. Time is all about the test. Because you know the answers to all the questions but you can not finish them in a modest period, then there will be no cost to know, because as soon as your time is over, take the tester's note. So it is necessary to have time to spend time in every question and to end it. For example, your question is 6 and the time is 2 hours and 30 minutes. So it seems that you get time for 23-225 minutes (you should try to hold 2 minutes from each question) and you will have to end the question during this time. If you have already done it, but you can not have any idea of crossing it. And it is possible to answer all questions if we are examined through time sharing.

9. Avoiding unnecessary writing

Many people have now become aware that more pages are filled up as many pages are available. So they fill in unnecessary topics that are not related to the answer sheet or which are not needed in the answer sheet, to increase the page. And that's totally wrong. And this is the mistake of most candidates. Thereby, the opposite is opposite. Because they are wasting a lot of time for writing unnecessary things. As a result, there is no time to write all the questions. Writing the answer to 4 questions is a big time to leave the remaining two questions for the time being. As a result, the results of writing Gadagada have a negative effect on their numbers. So by not writing the irrelevant thing to fill the page, writing the relevant text will definitely save time and answer all the questions. And it is possible to get a lot more number comparison. One thing to keep in mind is "Do not work hard, work smart."

10. Self confidence

Just like self-confidence, success in all our cases, the same thing as the most important test is that self-confidence. Whatever you have read before the test, properly presenting the book will keep the inability of the mind. Nothing else! If you learn it, you can not forget about extra tension and you can not get it. Studies and test words are both related. One can not imagine being beyond one. The question can not be frightened by the questions. Have confidence.

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