Google Admob Apps Marketing for A to Z Guidelines Part - 01

How to do apps marketing? Before knowing this, everyone will have to know the answers to many questions about adobe. By doing this I can get better solution than myself. So let's first know the answers to 11 questions about adobe.

1. Admob's work to publish the app?
Ans: Definitely no . It is the only add code providers.

2. How many ads can be shown every day in an app?
Ans: Here are a few things to know before it is important. If you use an app to see if you are adding 5-6 times a minute, you will get annoyed. If the app is not very useful then delete it. And if you add it to the ad then it will come back to the bag. This will increase the number of inclined clicks. In. The higher the click, the greater the likelihood of AdSense suspension. And if you think the end of the end is the end of the day. Then I would like to say privately that the account is accumulating hundreds of dollars per day but if you can not withdraw it at the end of the month, what is the profit? Is not it better to earn dollars in a hundred dollars better? Now use more than 2-3 ads per minute. My Suggestions 1 Adds 60 hours per hour One day around 1500 ADS If there is 1 dollar deposit per click, there is no possibility of loss.

3. How to get one dollar per click?
Ans: It's a long process. I will say this in separate video in adobe later.

4. ID is suspended even after I repeatedly account. what's the reason?
Ans: Remove all info from the phone or PC. Give Windows on the PC and flash the phone. Change IP. Remove browser caches. Remove History. Do not use any previous mail. If you are still suspend, then take control of your device. And it has been mailed to you. Now tell the Internet Provider to change your mac address. Then Google's father does not have the ability to bind you.

5. Can I work with an IP from around 10 phones every day?
Ans: Do not do that. Adsense bend when clicked on the self.

6. How to add Adsense ID to admin ID?
Ans; There is no need to separate adsense. Once AdMab is done, Adsense ID becomes Auto. Just log in to Adsense.

7. How can more income from apps?
Ans: Create great apps. If you get popular by doing this, income will grow lonely. There is no magic spell here. Do not go to the charm. Google is a big magician than us. Will lose

8. Can I use VPN?
Ans: Not at all. Be honest.

9. Which type of income is more income?
Ans: Browser & Gaming Apps Arining apps can be a one-time income but can not be guaranteed.

10. Do the group work. Everybody is doing a good job using VPN for a few days. I do not click on myself Can it be banned?
Ans: Will be banned. Because, if you work using a different IP, you are making a certain number of clicks per day from the specified IP and device. You're going to catch it. Going to try to make science fakir in the twenty-first century means that it is like pushing the wall with a drunk, it is like pushing the wall.

11. Need a site name to create apps?
Ans: Appsgayser, Thankble, Epicebilder, and Android Staudio.

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