Education for All - Essay

Introduction: Education is the process of developing our mind through formal learning . It means the development of body, mind and soul. Education is called the backbone of a nation. No nation can shine without education. So every citizen or a nation ought to receive education. Education for all is a must for all round development. It is a noble work to spread education among all the people.
Importance: We are living in an age of globalization. So we cannot deny the necessity of education for all. Universal education is , no doubt, essential for true development. Uneducated people cannot understand their good and bad. They are not aware of their rights and duties. They fail to render proper services even to their family let alone to the country. On the other hand , educated people can understand their good and bad. They become aware of their rights and duties. They can do their duties properly. They can manage their family well, cast their votes properly and act justly. To serve this purpose, the importance of the programme ‘Education for all’ needs on telling.
Obstacles: There are obstacles in the field of universal education These obstacles are superstitious outlook, social prejudices and customs, religious misunderstanding, poverty, huge population, lack of consciousness, lack of united efforts, no implementation of plans and measures, lack of educational institutions, lack of teaching atmosphere, lack of educational materials, high cost of educational materials etc.
Removing obstacles: The following suggestions can be taken into consideration to ensure education for all.
(a) Our outlook should be changed. (b) More educational institutions should be set up. (c) Educational materials should be made available (d) Teaching atmosphere should be made suitable for both the boys and girls (e) Stipends should be given to encourage education for all. (f) Implementation of plans and measures should be ensured.
Conclusion: The government and the conscious people should come forward and work together to ensure education for all. ,However, it is a matter of great hope that the government has already taken some steps to spread education among the people. If we are successful in this regard, our country will be a prosperous one.
*Napoleon rightly said, ‘ Give me a good mother and I will give you a good nation.’

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