Biography of Bill Clinton

The biggest and most discussed woman scandal in the history of the US President happened during President Bill Clinton's time. William Jefferson Clinton was the 42nd President of the United States. During his tenure in 1998, he had a great deal of trouble with Monica Lynski engaging in a sexual scandal. In 1995, Monica Lynsky was born in 22 years, when she had a relationship with Clinton. Their love creates worldwide brawl. After Bill Clinton's White House employee Monica Lynski's creed love story was published in public, everyone was stunned. Because that was the first incident of such a ruling woman scandal.

Clinton's issue was not as much as Scandal, but it was also more arousing in political circles. But the political upturn was not as fast as it was, it was not the case of ordinary people. Surprisingly, the American people were very sympathetic to Clinton. Because the situation in the US economy was very good at that time and the unemployment rate was at a minimum level. As a result, Clinton could get a positive response from the general public. Luis and Clerk College graduate beauty Monica Liensky got jobs in the US presidential palace in 1995. President Clinton then lived in the royal palace with his family. Shortly after 22 years with beautiful Monika, President Clinton became prominent. At one stage, the relationship between the two became strong. During deep love, Monica and Clinton met regularly. Their love was so crazy that they were secretly converting nine times in the White House. More surprising than this, Clinton's wife, Hillary Clinton, was at the White House five times during such a conclusion. But they did not even know the story of Hillary Clinton. With the job of the Defense Ministry, Monika became friends with her colleague, Linda Trippe. At one point of the conversation, Monica told her trusted friend and colleague Linda about her secret findings with the president. Trip Monica advised many suggestions to keep proof of this. Monica sitting in the wrong place here The secret is to keep it secret. The news of this scandal first appeared first on 17 January 1998 in the Draz Report website. The Washington Post released the scandal on January 21 this year as its main report. This report has seen a lot of reactions among the people.

After the incident proved true, the Senate members demanded an impeachment by questioning the president's moral standards. Many members of the Clinton Democratic Party and opposition Republicans support this claim. As a result, there is a lot of debate in the Senate for 21 days. Eventually Clinton won the vote. That means, the trip is protected from the presidential encampment. Hillary Clinton provides her husband's psychological support from the husband in the whole incident. The whole incident is known as the Monicaagate scandal in US history.

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