A Journey By Train - Essay

Introduction: A journey is a source of pleasure and experience. A journey by train is very interesting to me. Whenever I get time and chance, I make a journey by train. A few days ago I made a train journey from Dhaka to Ashuganj.
Time and occasion: During the last vacation my friend Hasan invited me to attend the marriage ceremony of his younger sister at their house at Ashuganj. I gladly accepted the invitation. I along with two of my friends decided to go there by train.
Starting: We were three in number . Kamal and Rusel accompanied me. On the fixed day we got up early in the morning. We took our breakfast. Then we took our preparation and reached the Kamlapur Railway Station at 2 pm. We bought three tickets for the train. We were waiting for the train. We saw some passengers and hawkers moving here and there. Everybody was busy there. At last we got into the train. The train began to move at 3.30 pm.
Description : The sky was clear . The weather was tine. A gentle breeze was blowing. I felt fresh and this atmosphere helped me to enjoy the whole journey. At first the train started slowly. Then it increased its speed. I enjoyed the beauty of nature on both sides of the rail line. I saw the green fields, green trees and some houses and buildings both small and big. I saw farmers working in the fields. Some boys and girls were also playing in the field.
The passengers were doing different things. Some were gossiping, some were reading newspapers or magazines and some were eating and drinking. We also ate biscuits and bananas and drank 7 up. Gradually the sun was setting in the western sky. The golden rays of the run charmed me most.
Destination: At about 6.30 pm we reached Ashuganj. My friend was present there and received us cordially. Thus my journey came to an end.
Conclusion : The journey was a short one but I enjoyed it most. It was one of the most pleasant journeys in my life. I got both pleasure and experience about human life and activities. In fact, the memory of the journey will remain ever fresh in my heart.

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