Socrates Education: The Only Way to Success

Two thousand and a half thousand years ago, Socrates had taught the success story that continues to motivate people around the world. Learn a very simple but great significance from this short story.

Socrates's fame is the fame of the world then the world Once a young man came from far and near Socrates. Tiredness came in two eyes, and he came in two eyes. Socrates said with sympathy, "How can I help you?"

The young man said, "There are no more valuable things for me than I have in my life. If these dreams are not met, then life will mean nothing to me. But how to fulfill the dream, how to see success - if there was a way out! "

Socrates laughed and said, "Come tomorrow meet me in the river tomorrow."

That's what the job is. The next day the young time came to the river on the river. Socrates was already waiting there. He saw him and said, "Follow me."

The young man was surprised to see Socrates going down into the water, he did not raise the question and followed him to the river. Two knees on the walk came down to the water. Suddenly, suddenly, without any words, the young man's head pressed down under the water in his hands! The young man is shocked! May not remove yourself, nor can you breathe. As much as trying to lift his head up, Socrates threw his head under the water as hard as he could! Being unable to breathe, the young face became blue. Desperate to throw hands and feet, the body shakes and trembles. Socrates left the book, then left the head. The young have to breathe like a blower and raise the head over the water. After a while breathing became normal, Socrates asked,

"As long as you were under water, what did you want most?"


"If you want to succeed, you should ask for success in this way, just like the wind you want!"

The young man did not say anything else. He grew up in joy, shook his head, thanked Socrates several times, and then took the way home to return home. Socrates was no longer seen with her, but her story came in the ears, she was a wealthy businessman of the time, in the young age of the day.

The reason behind the success of the young man was one of the main reasons for such a big role - then the human life was simple. Now as Facebook opens up a hundred stories of one hundred people in News feed, then there was less distraction in life. People take a lot of advice very seriously. This Socrates's advice is so carefully brought up in the chest young, used to work in life. Now there is so much distraction around that nothing does not want to be heartened.

Yet there are some people around us who have tried to meet success as a young man in the right story. Many people will know about Connor McGregor. His great popularity as a mixed martial artist. After Conor UFC became champion, he was asked questions about the secret of his success. Then he said a word that he had put it on the pages of history -

“There’s no talent here, this is hard work, this is obsession. Talent does not exist, we are all equals as human beings. You could be anyone if you put in the time. You will reach the top, and that’s that. I am not talented, I am obsessed.”

If someone tells the story of Connor McGregor, then there will be no delay in understanding how true the words are! He used to leave his job and stayed in the gym for the rest of the day. Their families are on top of unemployment allowance. Despite being overwhelmed by poverty, his wife never complained to Connor. Both of them had firm conviction - one day connor will conquer the world! Connor used to take care of his wife and his daily routine. When Connor returned home from the gym all day long, his wife would always say, "Connor! Victory will be yours! "

And this one thing, a little motivation could have been a lot of love for Kanor's success. The story of his victory came in all the eating and drinking, stories and stories. Even in sleep he dreamed he was the UFC Heavyweight champion! When every breath motivates to reach the goal - is it possible to stop him?

So remove the distractions from life. The time that goes unnecessarily on Facebook-YouTube (these mediums can be used very well, but sadly 95% do not do anything constructive in social media), at that time another person of your age is working and going a little bit ahead of you. When the end of the day is realized, "Eh! I could have spent time doing the work on time! "There is no comparison of that sadness. The most horrific sadness in the world is 'regret' or regret. So, let's always teach Socrates, give us inspiration, give us inspiration. Maybe it will be the beginning of the journey from tomorrow to new zeal. There will be only one word on the head - not two of success, not three, but only one way. It is being hanging, biting, hanging.

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